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Module 1 Integers, Decimals, and Fractions
Unit 1 Practice: Adding and Subtracting
Unit 2 Practice: Factoring
Unit 3 Practice: GCF
Unit 4 Practice: LCM
Unit 5 Practice: Simplifying Fractions
Unit 6 Practice: Converting Fractions and Decimals
Unit 7 Practice: Writing Numbers with Words
Unit 8 Practice: Multiplying and Dividing
Module 2 Beginning Algebra
Unit 1 Practice: Writing Algebraic Expressions
Unit 2 Practice: Order of Operations
Unit 3 Practice: Combining Like Terms
Unit 4 Practice: Using the Distributive Property
Module 3 Equations
Unit 1 Practice: One-Step Equations
Unit 2 Practice: Two-Step Equations
Unit 3 Practice: Multi-Step Equations
Module 4 Factors and Exponents
Unit 1 Practice: Divisibility
Unit 2 Practice: Properties of Exponents
Unit 3 Practice: Writing Scientific Notation
Unit 4 Practice: Operations and Scientific Notation
Module 5 Proportions and Similarity
Unit 1 Practice: Checking for a Proportion
Unit 2 Practice: Solving Proportions
Unit 3 Practice: Proportions Word Problems
Unit 4 Practice: Similar Figures
Unit 5 Practice: Similar Figures Word Problems
Module 6 Percents
Unit 1 Practice: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Unit 2 Practice: Percents
Unit 3 Practice: Percent of Change
Unit 4 Practice: Markup, Discount, and Tax
Unit 5 Practice: Simple and Compound Interest
Module 7 Linear Equations and Inequalities
Unit 1 Practice: Plotting Points
Unit 2 Practice: The Midpoint Formula
Unit 3 Practice: Slope
Unit 4 Practice: Graphing Linear Equations
Unit 5 Practice: Writing Linear Equations
Unit 6 Practice: Graphing Linear Inequalities
Unit 7 Practice: Graphing Systems of Equations
Unit 8 Practice: Solving Systems of Equation by Substitution
Unit 9 Practice: Systems of Equations Word Problems
Module 8 Plane Figures
Unit 1 Practice: Drawing and Measuring Angles
Unit 2 Practice: Angle Relationships
Unit 3 Practice: Triangles
Unit 4 Practice: Quadrilaterals
Unit 5 Practice: Area of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Unit 6 Practice: Circles
Module 9 Solid Figures
Unit 1 Practice: Classifying, Volume, and Surface Area
Module 10 Right Triangles
Unit 1 Practice: Squares and Square Roots
Unit 2 Practice: The Pythagorean Theorem
Unit 3 Practice: The Distance Formula
Module 11 Beginning Polynomials
Unit 1 Practice: Adding and Subtracting
Unit 2 Practice: Multiplying
Module 12 Statistics
Unit 1 Practice: Visualizing Data
Unit 2 Practice: Center and Spread
Unit 3 Practice: Scatter Plots