Video-Lesson Transcript

Let us now discuss how to convert a percent into a decimal. Let’s write a percent as a decimal.

We now know that 15\% = \dfrac{15}{100} which we can further reduced to = \dfrac{3}{20}.

Since we want to convert it to decimals, please understand that \dfrac{3}{20}= 3 \div 20.

So if we divide 3 by 20 we will come up with the decimal equivalent of 15\%.

So let’s do 3 \div20 and the answer is 0.15.

If you look at it, 15\% is the same as 0.15.

Representing a Percent as a Decimal

There’s a proper way to read 0.15.

It is read as ‘fifteen hundredths’.

What do hundredths mean? This is the tenths spot and this is the hundredths spot.

Fifteen hundredths means \dfrac{15}{100}.

Right off the bat, we can write 15\% = \dfrac{15}{100} = 0.15.

Another one is 3\% = \dfrac{3}{100} = 0.03. It has to end in the hundredths spot. It is\neq 0.3.

So a quick way to convert percent to decimal is to move two decimal spaces from right to left.