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"Caddell Prep has helped my son so much. I can't thank them enough. From the TACHS test through graduating high school, I always knew my son was in good hands with tutors who were even more competent than his teachers and cared about him doing well. Thank you."
Sharon Greene MD

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Live TACHS Prep Classes

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TACHS Tutoring

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We cover all aspects of the test: Reading, Language, Math & Ability

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Online TACHS Prep Course

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We cover all aspects of the test: Reading, Language, Math & Ability


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TACHS Prep Facts

Sections on the TACHS

The TACHS is comprised of four main topics.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Language
  • Math
  • Ability

TACHS Prep is essential to helping students get into their top-choice Catholic high school choices. The TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools) is used by most New York Catholic Schools to determine admission into schools and placement into classes, such as Scholars or Honors. High TACHS scores can even help students receive full or partial scholarships, saving parents a lot of money every year.

The four main sections on the test are: Reading, Language, Math, and Ability. The Reading section tests reading comprehension. Vocabulary was eliminated from the TACHS. Language tests students’ knowledge of spelling, capitalization, punctuation and usage. Math covers many topics including: fractions, percents, data analysis, and word problems. The ability section will be new to many students taking test, since the concepts are not covered in most schools. The ability section tests students’ abilities to find patterns/relationships in a series of images and ability to visualize what a piece of paper will look like when it is unfolded, after being folded and having holes punched through.

How to Prepare for the TACHS

Just knowing what sections are on the test isn’t enough to prepare for the test. Reading, language arts, math and ability are very broad topics. Our online course or tutor will be able to guide students the specific topics that are most important on the test. For example, language arts encompasses many different rules. It would be inefficient for a student to try and study all of the rules that were learned or try to memorize the spelling of every word. Instead, we provide a study guide as far as what needs to be known for the test.

Some students in NYC may plan on taking the SHSAT and TACHS in the fall of 8th grade. It can be confusing since the tests are different, but some of the topics overlap. We created a post that discusses how to prepare for the TACHS and SHSAT at the same time.

A common question that parents and students ask is “How do I pass the TACHS?” The answer is that there is no passing or failing grade. A students TACHS score is part of the application to a Catholic high school. The admissions officer reviews the TACHS results along with school grades and possibly other information, such as sports performance or teacher recommendations.

TACHS Vocabulary

The TACHS test previously included a section that tested vocabulary. The section has been removed from the newest version of the test. However, vocabulary is still important. We have TACHS vocabulary flashcards and quizzes to help you memorize the meanings of words that may appear on the test. Even though there isn’t a vocabulary section on the TACHS exam, knowing the definitions of the words is important for reading comprehension. Familiarity with the words will also help identify misspelled words in the language section.

Some of the Catholic High Schools in New York City

Academy of Mt. St. Ursula High School, Academy of Our Lady of Good Counsel, All Hallows High School, Aquinas High School, Cardinal Hayes High School, Cardinal Spellman High School, Fordham Preparatory School, Monsignor Scanlan High School, Mount Saint Michael Academy, Preston High School, St. Barnabas High School, St. Catherine Academy, St. Pius V High School, St. Raymond Academy for Girls, St. Raymond Academy for Boys

Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School, Bishop Kearney High School, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, Catherine McAuley High School, Christ the King Regional High School, Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School, Fontbonne Hall Academy, Nazareth Regional High School, St. Edmund Preparatory High School, St. Joseph High School, St. Saviour High School, Xaverian High School

Academy of St. Joseph, Cathedral High School, Convent of Sacred Heart, Cristo Rey High School, Dominican Academy, La Salle Academy, Loyola School, Marymount School, Mother Cabrini High School, Notre Dame High School, Regis High School, St. George Academy, St. Agnes Boys High School, St. Jean Baptiste School, St. Michael Academy, St. Vincent Ferrer High School, Xavier High School

Staten Island
Monsignor Farrell High School, Moore Catholic High School, Notre Dame Academy High School, St. John Villa Academy, St. Joseph by the Sea High School, St. Joseph Hill Academy, St. Peters Boys High School

Archbishop Malloy High School, Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, Holy Cross High School, The Mary Louis Academy, Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School, St. Agnes High School, St. Francis Preparatory School, St. John’s Preparatory School

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