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Take advantage of our proven methods that have helped students with all learning styles & schedules.

We have helped students of ALL backgrounds from ALL starting points improve their SAT scores.

Some students have started with an 800 and some with a 1400, but we’ve been able to help them all improve their SAT scores.

You DO NOT have to be a good test-taker to improve with Caddell Prep.

Too often, we come across students who have high grades in school that don’t match up with their PSAT or SAT scores. It’s a common problem among students that’s a concern for  students and their parents.

However, we are able to help turn them into good SAT test takers. We have found that the transformation involves learning tricks to answer questions and gaining confidence in their abilities during SAT prep. Gaining confidence is the hard part, but not impossible. It involves practicing, taking sample tests and receiving support from their tutors. 

Your choices today will determine your future!

"By far the most helpful! By attending the SAT course, my daughter's score improved dramatically. We can't thank Caddell Prep enough"
Anne Sweeney

SAT Prep Packages

Extremely limited availability

Ultimate SAT Prep Package

Special Bundle Pricing: $2,450

Total Value: $3,198

Advanced SAT Prep Package

Special Bundle Pricing: $1,950

Total Value: $2,658

Remote SAT Prep Package

Special Bundle Pricing: $1,500

Total Value: $2,099

SAT Prep Options

In-Depth SAT Prep Class

Most popular. Covers everything needed for the test. Small class-size (maximum of 8 ONLY 4 students) allows for individual attention from the instructor.

  • Classes are capped at 8 ONLY 4 students
  • 24 hours of in-person instruction
  • 4 practice tests
  • Learn strategies to answer questions quickly and correctly


SAT Tutoring

Best option for students who prefer 1-on-1 attention or need to delve into specific topics

  • 1-on-1 individualized attention
  • Full attention of the tutor
  • Learn strategies to answer questions quickly and correctly
  • Work on topics you need help with the most

12 hours ($960)

20 hours ($1,500)

30 hours ($2,100)

Online SAT Prep

Ideal for students with hectic schedules.

  • Practice according to your own schedule
  • Easy to understand videos
  • 4 full-length practice tests modeled off of actual SATs

Sale: $39

Value: $599

with coupon code: COVID

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Some of Caddell Prep's SAT Prep Reviews from Yelp

Some of Caddell Prep's SAT Prep Reviews from Yelp

Ready to Get Started?

  Give us a call at (917) 722-0677

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How to Score Higher on the SAT

The current version of the SAT is scored out of 1600 points. The English portion of the test is made up of a Reading test and a Writing and Language test. Each of the two sections is worth a maximum of 400 points. The math portion of the SAT is made up of two math sections: one that doesn’t permit the use of a calculator and one that does. The raw scores of both sections are combined and then scaled according to a table to determine the score for the math portion of the test. For many students, scoring higher will be the result of familiarity with the test and recognizing how to approach questions. There are many different math questions, but the question types do repeat. The more exposure students get to practice questions, the more likely they will be to immediately recognize the question-type and how to answer it. Here are our top 5 tips for preparing for the SAT. On the Writing and Language section of the test, there are of course an almost unlimited number of texts that the student may encounter. However, the rules that are tested on the test are predictable. Reviewing the common rules that are tested, and how to improve sentences will greatly help a student improve his or her SAT score. In the end, it is possible to get a perfect score (1600) on the SAT. Depending on the test and the specific scoring for that test, it is possible to get a perfect score without answering every single questions correctly. Sometimes getting one or more wrong in each section will still result in 1600. While getting a high as score as possible will help when applying to schools, it’s important to know what SAT score schools require. When considering a college, students should so some research. Most college websites include the average SAT score of their most recently accepted class of students. Here is a list of a select schools and the average SAT score of their 2017 freshmen class.

Take a Practice Test

We always recommend students to start by taking a practice SAT. Whether a student will come to our office for tutoring, join a class, or go through our self-paced course, we recommend he takes a diagnostic test. The test serves two purposes. First, it gets the student familiar with the SAT. Having to sit for the test under timing conditions, introduces the student to the constraints of the test and the presentation of questions on the test. Secondly, it provides the student with a baseline score and strengths and weaknesses. If a student has a very limited number of time, knowing strengths and weaknesses early will help a student prioritize his time. If a student has sufficient time to study before the real SAT, the student can got through the lessons as normal. After finishing a specific number of lessons and practice problems, we would recommend that the student is tested again to check progress.

Optional Essay

There is an optional essay on the SAT. Whether you answer the essay or not, the essay has no impact on your SAT score. In fact, most colleges do not require students to complete the essay on the SAT, so we don’t cover it in our online SAT course or during our in-person SAT class.

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