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Our Features

2 Full-Length Practice Test

Our practice tests are modeled after the actual tests provided by the NYC Archdiocese

Learn Your Strengths & Weaknesses

We track your progress as you take tests and answer practice questions to give you feedback to help you maximize your score

Recommended by Experts in Education

Professionals who have used our platform in schools, after-school programs and summer programs recommend us.

11 Interactive TACHS Lessons

Our interactive lessons consist of one or more short video lessons followed by practice problems

Practice Problems with Video Explanations

We have video explanations that are specific to each question to help students learn from their mistakes

3,406+ Practice Problems

Perfect practice makes perfect. For students who need more practice, we have an almost unlimited question bank to keep practicing with.

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Recommended by Experts in Education

“It’s an excellent standalone tutoring program in addition to one that can be used with teachers. The program grades the papers for the kids making it much easier for the tutors, and everyone seems quite happy with it.”
Barry Levine
STEAM Camp Tutoring Supervisor, SI Tech HS
“Since the implementation of the online service, our students have voiced their appreciation of it, and our educators have informed us that it was very easy to track their students’ performance.” “As a parent, as an educator, and as a professional in education, I recommend Caddell Prep because not only are their services very easy, user friendly, but at the same time, they truly care about helping the students gain better academic outcomes.”
Evelyn Herrera
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How to Prep for TACHS Test

The steps above are the most effective way to prepare for the TACHS (or any test). For a high-stakes test, you need a plan, and you need to stick to it. On tests in which every question matters, it’s important to prepare properly

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Don’t wait to start preparing. Our online TACHS prep is proven to help students raise their scores and get into their dream Catholic High Schools.

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Only Caddell Prep offers a 5-day trial AND a score improvement guarantee – if you complete our Online TACHS Prep course and your score doesn’t improve from the first diagnostic test to the final test, we will refund your money!

FAQs About Our Online TACHS Prep

Our online TACHS prep course can be used by anyone, but typically fall into one of these categories:

  • Self-studiers: students who likes to study at this own time and pace
  • Video lovers: those who would rather learn from watching a video lesson or explanation than read from a textbook or workbook
  • Busy students: students who want to study, but need the flexibility to fit in preparation with other activities
  • Analytical students: students who want detailed feedback regarding their strengths and weaknesses

Extremely close. We model our practice questions and tests off of the samples provided in the TACHS handbook.

If for any reason you want to cancel within 5 days of signing up, email us and we will cancel and refund your money. Also, if you complete the course and don’t increase your score from the diagnostic test, we will refund your money.

It is 100% online. The lessons and video explanations made up of easy-to-follow videos and text. After you finish your diagnostic test, you will have access to the lessons and practice problems. Our system tracks your progress and provides feedback regarding which topics to work on to maximize your score.

Yes. As long as you have one of the major browsers on your device, you can access our course.

Yes, all sections of the test are covered in detail.

Yes, you can go through our content in any order. However, we recommend that you follow the order in which the content is presented. The practice tests are locked based on completing certain lessons..

FAQs About the TACHS

Reading, Language, Math and Ability.

No, a calculator is not permitted on the TACHS.

For the TACHS, it is best to start as early as possible. The TACHS is a difficult test and each student only has one chance to take it during 8th grade.

No, formulas are not provided.

Each Catholic high school uses its own criteria for admitting students. Most schools look at a number of things including TACHS results, seventh grade transcript, and more. The TACHS plays role similar to how the SAT or ACT plays a role in admission to college.

Our online TACHS prep will help you prepare for your upcoming test. The TACHS is used to determine admission into NYC’s Catholic high schools. Watch our video tutorials and then try the associated practice problems. The test is broken into four main sections: Reading, Language, Math and Ability. With our video lessons and explanations, it is like having a TACHS tutor by your side while you prepare.

TACHS Lessons & Practice Problems

Our course is set up with lessons followed by practice problems. As you work through our TACHS Prep lessons and practice problems, we will keep track of your progress to give you an updated assessment of your strengths and weaknesses across the sections of the TACHS.

TACHS Practice Test Online

Get ready for the big day by taking practice TACHS exams. Try to complete the test in one sitting, just like the real test. Use the practice tests to monitor your progress and identify your weaknesses.

TACHS for Admission to Catholic High Schools

Many high schools in NYC use the TACHS as part of the admissions and scholarship criteria. In most cases, the TACHS is not used as the sole factor to determine admission into a school, but a higher test score improves chances of being accepted, can determine academic placement in the school, and can improve the likelihood of receiving a scholarship.

Join Our Online Course & Learn How to Ace the TACHS

Don’t wait to start preparing. Our online TACHS prep is proven to help students raise their scores and get into their dream Catholic High Schools.