Math & ELA 5th grade Staten Island

After-school math and ELA enrichment is available at Caddell Prep for fifth-graders on Staten Island. Many different scheduling options are available. 


5th Grade Enrichment


Enrichment is independent work with guidance. Students are able to move as quickly or as slowly as needed through topics in order to master them. Guidance is provided to help students when they struggle but then the students are given the opportunity to complete the tasks on their own in order to ingrain the knowledge in their minds.


5th Grade Math Enrichment


Some of the topics in math enrichment are:


5th Grade ELA Enrichment


Some of the topics in ELA enrichment are:


After-School Enrichment Options and Pricing:

All new students get a 100% risk-free trial to try the classes and see if they are a perfect fit. If you don’t want to continue after the first session, you can get a full refund. Call (917) 722-0677 to get started!


Schedule Subjects Pricing Sign Up
2 x 1/2-hour sessions Math or ELA (one subject) $40/week Register Now
2 x 1-hour sessions Math and ELA (half hour each) $75/week Register Now
5 x 1/2-hour sessions Math or ELA (one subject) $90/week Register Now
5 x 1-hour sessions Math and ELA (half hour each) $150/week Register Now
5 x 2-hour sessions Math and ELA (one hour each) $270/week Register Now


“I definitely would recommend Caddell Prep. They were a tremendous help with both of my kids. Their tutoring services range from basic to advanced; and one of the only tutoring places to help with advanced subjects.”

-Christine Singer (parent)


“The classes were very helpful. My daughter found her time productive. We got the feeling everyone cared about her success.”

-Ryan Pitchersky (parent)


“Caddell Prep has always given my son the extra help he needed to build his confidence and help him succeed in his math classes.”

-David Coleman (parent)


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Advancing with Math & ELA Enrichment

The enrichment curriculum and format is developed to help students catch up and advance in school. Since students are able to work at their own pace, they can work on the topics they struggle with longer and move on quickly through topics they excel in. This allows students to move through the curriculum at the optimal pace, but still faster than in school. Math & ELA enrichment allows students to build confidence in themselves while building skills.