Keep Up in School or Prepare for an Upcoming Test From the Comfort of Your Own Home


Live Online Tutoring That Feels Like In-Person Tutoring

Our online whiteboard allows us to share notes and work with each other in real-time. Students can mark up the white board easily with an iPad, tablet or mouse.

Video chat is recommended but not required.

Screen sharing allows students to get help with their online homework from our expert tutors.

How Our Live Online Tutoring Works

Digital Whiteboards Allows Tutors & Students to Work Together in Real-Time

With our online platform, we are able to share a virtual whiteboard that allows the tutor and student to work together in real-time. All notes are stored on the virtual whiteboard for future reference and to pick up next time where they left off.

Screen Sharing Lets Tutors Help Students With Their Homework & Make Notes on the Screen

With schools closed, students are given a lot of homework from their teachers to complete on their own, which can be a big challenge. We’re here to help them. Students can share their screen securely, and we can make notes right on the screen as we help students complete their work.

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Live Online Tutoring is Available for:

College Entrance Exams

SAT: $80/hr

ACT: $80/hr

High School Entrance Exams

SHSAT: $80/hr

TACHS: $60/hr

School Subjects

Math (Grades 3-8): $60/hr

Math (Alg 1, Geo, Alg 2, Pre-Calc, Calc 1): $80/hr

ELA (Grades 3-8): $60/hr

Physics: $80/hr

Earth Science: $80/hr

NYS Regents Exams

Math Regents: $80/hr

Earth Science Regents: $80/hr

Physics Regents: $80/hr

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