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My daughter is in SING and softball so she couldn’t fit a tutor or class in her schedule for SAT prep. We decided to use Caddell Prep Online SAT Course. She improved 180 points from doing the lessons and practice. She got a 1340 on the SAT. We are so happy!

Caddell Prep has the best online SAT prep course. From the layout of the lessons to the easy to understand videos, this is the best.

One part of the online SAT test prep that helped me the most was the Advanced SAT Assessment. After each practice test, I knew exactly what topics I had to study to increase my score. It helped my go from 1180 to 1410.

I chose online SAT prep because it fit in the best into my schedule. Some days I would watch the videos during a free period and then do questions after soccer practice when I got home. The lessons are to the point and show you exactly how to do better. I was able to increase my score 210 points!

Online SAT Prep Course Overview

Increase your score with our self-paced, online SAT prep course. The test is based on concepts taught throughout high school, but it would be almost impossible (and unnecessary) to prepare for the sat exam by trying to review everything that was taught in grades 9 through 11. The SAT tests specific topics taught during those grades, not every topic. Our course covers all of the necessary topics and strategies for answering the questions that appear on the SAT.

Knowing what concepts the SAT tests you on will save you time and help you more readily find the right answer. Most students who take the Writing and Language Test cold have no idea how to answer the questions. Students typically answer those questions based on “what sounds correct.” However, after completing our Writing and Language lessons, students are able to quickly identify the best way to revise a sentence since they know what to look for. This results in saved time and higher scores. The same is true for reading and math.

SAT Lessons & Practice Questions

Our online SAT Prep course provides SAT lessons followed by practice problems to test your knowledge and keep you engaged. We track your progress as you work through the lessons, practice problems, and sample tests to give you an updated assessment highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and areas for greatest improvement.

The SAT is used by many colleges to determine admission, placement, and scholarships. Watch our video tutorials and then try the associated practice problems. With our video lessons and explanations after each practice question, it is like having an SAT tutor by your side while you prepare. After completing a lesson, you’ll still be able to watch the video lessons again to review.

The two main topics on the SAT (English and Math) are broken down into very specific video lessons, so you don’t have to watch extremely long videos just to review one specific topic. Each lesson is made up of one or more short videos with practice questions following each video, so you practice while you learn and better retain the information by putting the strategies into practice.

Full-Length SAT Practice Tests

Get ready for the big day by taking practice SAT exams. Try to complete the practice test in one sitting, just like on test day. Use the practice tests to monitor your progress and identify your weaknesses. The SAT is broken into four main sections: Reading, Writing & Language, Math (No Calculator) and Math (Calculator). Learn from your mistakes by reviewing the video explanations after each practice question on each practice test.

SAT Assessment

One of the most powerful features of our SAT course is our advanced SAT Assessment provides a very detailed analysis of your strengths and weakness, so you know exactly what to work on to improve your score the most. The college board and other test prep companies provide vague assessments with terms like “Heart of Algebra” and “Stand English Conventions”, which are extremely broad categories and effectively useless for knowing what to study. Our SAT assessment provides very specific categories that match up with the names of our lessons, so you are never confused about what to study. Start the SAT course with diagnostic SAT test to get your baseline SAT score and learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Online SAT Prep & Online Tutoring

One of the ways to get the most out of your SAT prep it to follow up the course with a private tutor. It is cost effective to learn the test taking strategies and the majority of the lessons with the online SAT test prep course and then practice more after with a tutor leading up to your real sat test day. A online tutor can enhance your SAT preparation by working with you on the sections you need the most help with and go through another practice exam.

If you did well on the reading section but need more attention on the math section, for example, an expert instructor can review the course material with you and practice more questions with you.

Preparing for the SAT & College Applications

Many colleges use the SAT as part of the admissions and scholarship criteria. Typically, the SAT is not used as the sole factor to determine admission into a college, but a higher test score improves chances of being accepted, can determine academic placement, and can improve the likelihood of receiving a scholarship. Most colleges post information on their websites regarding the average SAT score of their most recent freshman class.