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“I was looking for a convenient and low stress way for my daughter to prepare for the TACHS exam. In general, I found your program to be excellent. The lesson videos were great reviews, and the practice questions were very helpful. My daughter could work at her own pace and on her own schedule. She received a $5,000 scholarship to her first choice school, and was admitted to all three schools she applied to, which was exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you!”
– Jean Kearns
Parent, NY

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Interactive Test Prep Lessons & Assessment

Interactive Test Prep Lesson
Test Prep Assessment

Interactive lessons keep you engaged while learning. Our lessons are broken up into short videos with sample problems and video-explanations. After each lesson, you can try a set of practice problems, so you can put what they just learned to practice. We keep track of how you are performing on each topic with simple to understand reporting, so you know where your strengths and weaknesses are and can work toward your best grade possible.

Competition & Community: Leaderboard & Forum

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Show off how hard you’ve been working by getting your name on the leaderboard! Also, if you’re doing well, you can help other students, or if you are struggling with a question or topic, you can ask other students for help. Our community forum encourages teamwork among students, but if there’s a really difficult question, we’ll jump in and answer it.

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