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Mike Primiano

Ultimate SHSAT Prep Package

Extremely limited availabilty.

Special Bundle Pricing: $3,495

Total Value: $4,774

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SHSAT Class: In-person on Monday & Wednesday or online on Tuesday & Thursday

1-on-1 Tutoring: Personalized schedule based on your schedule

Monday7/1/20243:30-6:30pmTest 1
Wednesday7/3/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 1
Monday7/8/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 2
Wednesday7/10/20233:30-6:00pmLesson 3
Monday7/15/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 4
Wednesday7/17/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 5
Monday7/22/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 6
Wednesday7/24/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 7
Monday7/29/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 8
Wednesday7/31/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 9
Monday8/5/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 10
Wednesday8/7/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 11
Monday8/12/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 12
Wednesday8/14/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 13
Monday8/19/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 14
Wednesday8/21/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 15
Monday8/26/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 16
Wednesday8/28/20243:30-6:30pmTest 2
Wednesday9/4/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 17
Monday9/9/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 18
Wednesday9/11/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 19
Monday9/16/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 20
Wednesday9/18/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 21
Monday9/23/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 22
Wednesday9/25/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 23
Monday9/30/20243:30-6:30pmTest 3
Wednesday10/2/20243:30-6:00pmLesson  24
Monday10/7/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 25
Wednesday10/9/20243:30-6:30pmTest 4
Monday10/14/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 26
Wednesday10/16/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 27
Monday10/21/20243:30-6:30pmTest 5
Wednesday10/23/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 28
Tuesday7/2/20243:30-6:30pmTest 1
Thursday7/4/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 1
Tuesday7/9/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 2
Thursday7/11/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 3
Tuesday7/16/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 4
Thursday7/8/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 5
Tuesday7/23/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 6
Thursday7/25/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 7
Tuesday7/30/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 8
Thursday8/1/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 9
Tuesday8/6/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 10
Thursday8/8/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 11
Tuesday8/13/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 12
Thursday8/15/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 13
Tuesday8/20/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 14
Thursday8/22/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 15
Tuesday8/27/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 16
Thursday8/29/20243:30-6:30pmTest 2
Thursday9/5/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 17
Tuesday9/10/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 18
Thursday9/12/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 19
Tuesday9/17/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 20
Thursday9/19/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 21
Tuesday9/24/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 22
Thursday9/26/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 23
Tuesday10/2/20243:30-6:30pmTest 3
Thursday10/4/20243:30-6:00pmLesson  24
Tuesday10/8/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 25
Thursday10/10/20243:30-6:30pmTest 4
Tuesday10/15/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 26
Thursday10/17/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 27
Tuesday10/22/20243:30-6:30pmTest 5
Thursday10/24/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 28


We all know that admission into a specialized high school could come down to getting or not getting one more question right. That’s why we guarantee that you’ll improve by at least 10 more questions right after finishing our Ultimate SHSAT Prep Package or we’ll give you a full refund of every cent you paid for SHSAT prep.

SHSAT Prep Options

Live SHSAT Prep Class

Popular. Covers everything needed for the test. Small class-size allows for some individual attention.

  • Classes are capped at 8 students
  • 70 hours of in-person lessons & 5 practice tests in M & W class
  • 36 hours of in-person lessons & 4 practice tests in Saturday class
  • Strategies to answer questions quickly and correctly

SHSAT Prep Tutoring

Best option for students who need personalized attention or need to delve into a specific topic.

  • 1-on-1 individualized attention
  • Full attention of the tutor
  • Learn strategies to answer questions quickly and correctly
  • Work on topics you need help with the most

On-Demand SHSAT Prep Course

Ideal for students with busy schedules.

  • Practice according to your own schedule
  • Easy to understand videos
  • 4 full-length practice tests modeled off of actual SHSATs

SHSAT Prep Options for 6th Graders

SHSAT prep is available for 6th graders who want to get a head start with preparing for the SHSAT. A summer SHSAT prep class is a convenient way for students to learn a lot of material during the break and advance past their peers.

Click here for our 6th grade SHSAT prep options including tutoring and our class schedule.

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Specialized High School Test Prep

If your child wants to get accepted to a NYC Specialized High School, then it’s important to choose the best SHSAT prep. Whether you choose a course, an in-person class or a combination, it has to be with a company that has delivered results. Prep with the best to get into the best prep schools in NYC.

Every year we scrutinize the SHSAT handbook and analyze any changes to make sure our SHSAT prep courses are always up to the date with the most recent changes to the test.


We serve students in all boroughs of the city. Students from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten island have taken our online, self-paced course. Many students choose to travel to our office in Staten Island from other Boroughs, even from as far as the Bronx. However, it isn’t necessary since we offer online SHSAT tutoring and the best online SHSAT courses.

SHSAT Prep Classes

To accommodate students of all needs, we have three different SHSAT classes available. Some of the SHSAT prep courses are in-person, some are online, and one is a self-paced on-demand course.

  • 70 hours of instruction & 5 practice tests
  • 36 hours of instruction and 4 practice tests
  • Online course with over 24,000 questions and 3 practice tests

SHSAT Prep Staten Island

With our main office in Staten Island, conveniently located one train stop from Staten Island Technical HS, we have been able to help many aspiring junior high schools students get into their dream high school.

At our office, we offer 1-on-1 SHSAT tutoring and the best SHSAT prep course: 62.5 hours of instruction and 5 practice tests.

SHSAT Prep Brooklyn

Even though we are located on Staten Island, we have helped 100’s of students prepare for the SHSAT. We have taught classes at Bay Academy in Sheepshead Bay and have had many students travel to our office for tutoring or classes. Traveling from Brooklyn to Staten Island for SHSAT class might seem a little much, but we have had students travel even farther, as far as from the Bronx to receive individualized instruction.

We added an SHSAT prep class on Saturdays to accommodate students who live in Brooklyn or attend school in Brooklyn.

Aside from our in-person prep and online tutoring, students from Brooklyn and the other boroughs have gone through our online, self-paced, video  SHSAT prep course.

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The SHSAT (Specialized High Schools Admissions Test) is used by the New York City Specialized High Schools to determine admission into the school. Performance on the SHSAT is the sole factor used when determining admission to a New York City Specialized High School, which is why SHSAT prep is so important. Certain other schools in the country also use the SHSAT for admission. The SHSAT is broken down into two large sections – Verbal and Math. However, the verbal section is actually broken down into Revising/Editing and Reading Comprehension. Students take the SHSAT in the fall of 8th grade. If a student does not gain access to a specialized high school after the 8th grade test, the student can try one more time in the fall of 9th grade.

We offer three options for preparing for the SHSAT. Whether your child prefers 1-on-1 tutoring, a prep class, or self-paced online SHSAT prep, we are able to help.

Facts About the SHSAT

The SHSAT is used for Admission to the Following Schools in NYC

  • Bronx High School of Science
  • Brooklyn Latin School
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
  • High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  • High School for Math, Science and Engineering at City College
  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College
  • Staten Island Technical High School
  • Stuyvesant High School

*Note that Fiorello H. Laguardia High School is also a specialized high school, but it does not use SHSAT for admission.

What is on the SHSAT?

The SHSAT is comprised of two parts: Part 1 – English Language Arts and Part 2 – Mathematics. The parts can be taken in any order; questions may be answered in any order.
The ELA (English Language Arts) part of the test tests students, abilities to revise and edit sentences, paragraphs and passages. The ELA part also includes reading comprehension questions.
The Mathematics part covers a wide-range of topics, including arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.

Format of the SHSAT

Standard testing time•180 minutes
ELA section (57 items)•9-11 revising/editing questions: 5-8 stand-alone questions and 2 passages with 6-8questions each (see attached sample questions)
•6 reading passages, including a poem, with 5-7 questions each
•All questions are multiple choice questions
Math section (57 items)•5 grid-in questions (see attached sample questions)
•52 multiple choice word problems and computational questions
Other notes•All multiple choice questions (all ELA questions; all math questions except grid-in items) will have 4 answer choices instead of 5.
•All passages in 2017 will be nonfiction passages; starting in 2018 literary passages and persuasive passages (e.g., editorials) could be included on the test.
•Embedded field test passages and items will be interspersed throughout the relevant sections of the test (10 items in each section); students will not be able to determine which questions are the field test questions.

Sample Questions

Sample SHSAT Revising/Editing Question
Sample revising/editing question from 2017-2018 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook
Sample SHSAT Reading Comprehension Questions
Sample reading comprehension questions from 2017-2018 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook
Sample open-ended math questions from 2017-2018 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook
Sample SHSAT multiple choice math questions
Sample multiple choice math questions from 2017-2018 Specialized High Schools Student Handbook

How Should I Prepare for the SHSAT?

First Step: Practice Test

Assuming you already did your research and have decided that you want to attend a Specialized High School, the first step in preparing for the test should be to take a practice test with diagnostics that allow you to measure your strengths and weaknesses.

You can take a free practice SHSAT with diagnostics at our office, just call to schedule a day and time. You can also take a free SHSAT online on our website here: https://caddellprep.com/free-practice-tests/free-practice-shsat/

Next Steps

Your next steps depend on how much time you have until the test. If you have sufficient time, you should review all of the topics on the test. Just because you are good at a certain topic, doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. The questions on the test are tricky and may require you to apply knowledge of a topic in a way that you are not familiar with. Also, the test is timed, so it is important to be proficient enough to be able to answer the questions quickly.
If you are limited on time, a good strategy may be to focus on the part you are best at, ELA or Math, and try to ace it. If you are not clearly better at either section, focus on the topics that can have the biggest impact on your grade – the question topic with the most wrong answers.

Continuously Practice and Measure

While you are reviewing, take practice tests with diagnostics to see how you are improving. This will give you some insight into how to adjust your studying if necessary.

Scoring the SHSAT

The SHSAT is scored out of a possible 800 points, with the English section and math section scored separately out of 400 each. There isn’t a direct conversion from a raw score (number of correct questions) to the scaled score because the results are normalized.
In general, it has been shown to be better for a student to do really well on one section than to do average on both. The scoring is complex. A post dedicated to explaining how the SHSAT is scored is available here.

Other Advice

Getting into a specialized high school is a big deal. However, whether or not you get in will not define who you are and what you can achieve. It is possible to put so much pressure on yourself that you cannot focus during the test and constantly second-guess yourself. Realizing that the test won’t make or break who you are will allow you to think more clearly and excel.
The other way to reduce stress is to be prepared. If you prepare well for the test and have done well on the practice tests, you shouldn’t worry on test day.

What are the Specialized High Schools?

Here is the list of the eight specialized high schools that use the SHSAT for admission, along with some information to find out more about each.

  • Stuyvesant High School
    345 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282
    (212) 312-4800
  • Staten Island Technical High School
    485 Clawson Street, Staten Island, NY 10306
    (718) 667-3222
  • Brooklyn Technical High School
    29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217
    (718) 804-6400
  • Bronx High School of Science
    75 West 205th Street, Bronx, NY 10468
    (718) 817-7700
  • The Brooklyn Latin School
    223 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206
    (718) 366-0154
  • High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at the City College of New York
    240 Convent Avenue, New York, NY 10031
    (212) 281-6490
  • High School of American Studies at Lehman College
    2925 Goulden Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468
    (718) 329-2144
  • Queens High School for the Sciences at York College
    94-50 159th Street, Jamaica, NY 11433
    (718) 657-3181

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