Admission into Catholic high schools is based on a number of factors including school grades, athletics, TACHS score, and sometimes even recommendations.

However, the easiest factor to control is the TACHS score. Since it is a standardized test, your child can learn the format of the test, the specific topics, and tricks to ace the TACHS with our help.

Sign up for Caddell Prep's TACHS class knowing that you made the best choice for your child

20-Hour In-Depth TACHS Prep Class

Comprehensive Lessons: The most important subjects covered on the TACHS are reviewed in detail.

Test Taking Strategies: Proven strategies to immediately increase test scores.

Practice: 3 Practice tests.

Free Workbook: No need to purchase additional study materials. All students are provided with a workbook and handouts.

Homework Assignments: Homework gives students the opportunity to practice what they learned at home so the information is retained.

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Sample TACHS Language Lesson: Fewer vs. Less

There are many rules tested on the TACHS that students may not even be aware of. It’s important to introduce these rules, so students know what to look for on the TACHS and maximize their test scores.

Available TACHS Prep Classes

2024 In-Depth TACHS Prep (Th)

Thursday7/18/20243:30-5:30pmTest 1
Thursday7/25/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 1
Thursday8/1/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 2
Thursday8/8/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 3
Thursday8/15/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 4
Thursday8/22/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 5
Thursday9/5/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 6
Thursday9/12/20243:30-5:30pmTest 2
Thursday9/19/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 7
Thursday9/26/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 8
Thursday10/3/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 9
Thursday10/10/20243:30-5:30pmTest 3
Thursday10/17/20243:30-5:30pmLesson 10

2024 In-Depth TACHS Prep (Sat)

Saturday7/20/20249:30-11:30amTest 1
Saturday7/27/20249:30-11:30amLesson 1
Saturday8/3/20249:30-11:30amLesson 2
Saturday8/10/20249:30-11:30amLesson 3
Saturday8/17/20249:30-11:30amLesson 4
Saturday8/24/20249:30-11:30amLesson 5
Saturday9/7/20249:30-11:30amLesson 6
Saturday9/14/20249:30-11:30amTest 2
Saturday9/21/20249:30-11:30amLesson 7
Saturday9/28/20249:30-11:30amLesson 8
Saturday10/5/20249:30-11:30amLesson 9
Saturday10/12/20249:30-11:30amTest 3
Saturday10/19/20249:30-11:30amLesson 10

2024 In-Depth TACHS Prep (Sun)

Sunday7/21/202412:30-2:30pmTest 1
Sunday7/28/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 1
Sunday8/4/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 2
Sunday8/11/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 3
Sunday8/18/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 4
Sunday8/25/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 5
Sunday9/8/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 6
Sunday9/15/202412:30-2:30pmTest 2
Sunday9/22/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 7
Sunday9/29/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 8
Sunday10/6/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 9
Sunday10/13/202412:30-2:30pmTest 3
Sunday10/20/202412:30-2:30pmLesson 10

Frequently Asked Questions about the TACHS Class

What sections are on the TACHS?
Reading, Language, Math and Ability

Are all sections of the test covered in the class?
Yes, all sections of the test are covered in detail.

Can I use a calculator?
No, calculators are not permitted on the TACHS.

Do I need to buy any extra TACHS prep books for this class?
No, we provide all necessary TACHS review materials. Students are required to bring a notebook or binder.