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Sample Lesson: Equation of a Line Only 8 Students per Class

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1-on-1 Tutoring for School or Test Prep
SAT Prep Classes
SHSAT Prep Classes
TACHS Prep Classes
Math Regents Review Classes

What Some Parents are Saying about Caddell Prep and our Tutors:

“Has been a tremendous help in tutoring my son with math throughout high school. He has passed all of his Regents with high scores.”
– Josephine P, parent of Tottenville High School student

“By far the most helpful. By attending the SAT course, her score improved dramatically. We can’t thank Caddell Prep enough.”
– Anne S, parent of St. John Villa Academy student

“Tutors my daughter in Algebra II/Trigonometry and has the ability to breakdown and explain complicated concepts so that she can easily understand them.”
– Nancy H, parent of St. Joseph Hill Academy student

Math Tutoring & Test Prep on Staten Island

Test Prep classes are held in a small group setting of 8 students or less. Test Prep classes include SHSAT, TACHS, SAT, Algebra Regents, Geometry Regents and More. The small class size allows each student to receive the instructor’s attention, as well as allowing students the ability to ask questions during class. Practice tests give students the experience to be mentally prepared for the actual test and also provides insight into each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Private tutoring is available for all of the subjects covered by our test prep classes, as well as other subjects. Private tutoring and math tutoring provides one-on-one attention of the tutor. The tutor is able to tailor the session specifically to meet the needs of the student so the greatest improvement can be achieved.