Caddell Prep offers private tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, SHSAT, TACHS, SAT, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and other math subjects. While our tutors have certain subjects that they specialize in, they all excel in math and on standardized tests. More importantly, they are able to explain difficult concepts in simple terms that students can understand.

Tutoring Takes Place at Our Office or Online

All in-person tutoring takes place in our office at 91 Guyon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306.

Live online tutoring is done over a secured connection with a virtual whiteboard that allows us to share notes and work together in real-time.

Tutoring for Many Subjects and Tests

Your child may need help with more than one subject and we are here to help. Our tutors are able to cover many subjects and tests and provide homework help. For example, if a student is coming for SAT prep, but needs help with an Algebra 2 problem, we are able to provide that assistance.

SAT Tutoring Packages

SAT Express Tutoring (12 Hr) $960 3 installments of $320
SAT On-Point Tutoring (20 Hr) $1,600 3 installments of $534
SAT In-Depth Tutoring (30 Hr) $2,400 3 installments of $800

High School Level & SHSAT Tutoring Packages

(including Integrated Algebra)

Private Tutoring (12 Hr)$9603 installments of $320
Private Tutoring (20 Hr)$1,6003 installments of $534
Private Tutoring (30 Hr)$2,4003 installments of $800

Elementary & Junior High School Tutoring Packages

(excluding Integrated Algebra)

Private Tutoring (12 Hr)$7203 installments of $240
Private Tutoring (20 Hr)$1,2003 installments of $400
Private Tutoring (30 Hr)$1,8003 installments of $600


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