63. The set of possible values of m is {5, 7, 9}. What is the set of possible values of k if 2k = m + 3?

A. (3, 4, 5)
B. (4, 5, 6)
C. (8, 10, 12)
D. (10, 14, 18)

64. 7 + (3n + 6) - (4n + 8) =

E. 5 - n
F. 5 + n
G. 21 - n
H. 21 + n

65. In a certain school, course grades range from 0 to 100. Adrianna took 4 courses and her mean course grade was 90. Roberto took 5 courses. If both students have the same sum of course grades, what was Roberto’s mean?

A. 72
B. 80
C. 90
D. 92

66. Jenny starts a game with twice as many marbles as Keiko. Jenny gives Keiko 5 marbles, but she still has 10 more than Keiko. How many marbles did Jenny have to start with?

E. 25
F. 30
G. 35
H. 40

67. In a scale diagram, 0.125 inch represents 125 feet. How many inches represent 1 foot?

A. 0.001
B. 0.01
C. 0.1
D. 0.12


A researcher recorded the number of people in each vehicle that passed through a checkpoint. The table above shows the percent distribution for the 420 vehicles that passed through the checkpoint yesterday morning. How many of the 420 vehicles contained at least 3 people?

E. 42
F. 63
G. 105
H. 315


In the pyramid above, each triangular face has the same area, and the base is a square that measures 8 centimeters on each side. If the length of \overline{RS} = 6 centimeters, what is the surface area of the pyramid excluding the base?

A. 48 sq cm
B. 96 sq cm
C. 128 sq cm
D. 160 sq cm

70. The perimeter of a rectangle is 510 centimeters. The ratio of the length to the width is 3:2. What are the dimensions of this rectangle?

E. 150 cm by 105 cm
F. 153 cm by 102 cm
G. 158 cm by 97 cm
H. 165 cm by 90 cm

71. Which number line below shows the solution to the inequality -4 \textless \dfrac{x}{2} \textless 2?


72. 1 dollar = 7 lorgs
1 dollar = 0.5 dalt

Kevin has 140 lorgs and 16 dalts. If he exchanges the lorgs and dalts for dollars according to the rates above, how many dollars will he receive?

E. \$28
F. \$52
G. \$182
H. \$282

73. A box of colored pencils contains exactly 6 red pencils. The probability of choosing a red pencil from the box is \dfrac{2}{7}. How many of the pencils in the box are not red?

A. 5
B. 15
C. 21
D. 30

74. The sum of the numbers x, y and z is 50. The ratio of x to y is 1:4, and the ratio of y to z is 4:5. What is the value of y?

E. 4
F. 8
G. 10
H. 20


What is the area of the shaded region in the graph above?

A. 0.25 square unit
B. 0.5 square unit
C. 1 square unit
D. 1.5 square unit

76. In Centerville, 45\% of the population is female, and 60\% of the population commutes to work daily. Of the total Centerville population, 21\% are females who commute to work daily. What percentage of the total Centerville population are males who do not commute to work daily?

E. 15\%
F. 16\%
G. 24\%
H. 39\%

77. Mrs. Cranston bought five bottles of water for \$0.90 each and 8 pounds of meat. She paid a total of \$26.90 for these items, not including tax. What was the price per pound of the meat?

A. \$2.80
B. \$3.25
C. \$14.40
D. \$22.40

78. In a sample of 10 cards, 4 are red and 6 are blue. If 2 cards are selected at random from the sample, one at a time without replacement, what is the probability that both cards are not blue?

E. \dfrac{2}{15}
F. \dfrac{4}{25}
G. \dfrac{3}{10}
H. \dfrac{1}{3}

79. 1 sind = 4 lorgs
2 plunks = 5 dalts
5 sinds = 2 harps
1 plunk = 3 harps

A nation has five types of coins: sinds, dalts, lorgs, harps, and plunks. The relationship between the coins is shown above. Which coin is most valuable?

A. sind
B. dalt
C. harp
D. plunk


What is the mean score of the 10 students in the table above?

E. 22.5
F. 75
G. 77
H. 85


How many more people in Center City walk to work than ride their bicycle to work?

A. 2,500
B. 2,700
C. 2,800
D. 3,000

82. Which of the following numbers has factors that include the smallest factor (other than 1) of 91?

E. 30
F. 35
G. 39
H. 44

83. In a scale drawing of a triangular banner, one side measures 16 centimeters and the other two sides each measure 12 centimeters. On the actual banner, these two sides each measure 36 feet. What is the length of the remaining side of the actual banner?

A. 16 ft
B. 32 ft
C. 40 ft
D. 48 ft

84. The faculty of a certain four-year college consists of 179 teachers. There are 663 first-year students. The student-to-faculty ratio for the entire college is 15 to 1. What is the total number of second-, third-, and fourth-year students?

E. 1,989
F. 2,022
G. 2,652
H. 2,685

85. 2 \dfrac{1}{5} + 3 \dfrac{3}{10} + 4 \dfrac{2}{5} + 5 \dfrac{1}{2}

What is the value of the expression shown above?

A. 14 \dfrac{7}{20}
B. 14 \dfrac{2}{5}
C. 15 \dfrac{7}{20}
D. 15 \dfrac{2}{5}

86. A car is traveling 55 miles per hour, and 1 mile = 5,280 feet. Which of the following calculations would give the car’s speed in feet per second?

E. \dfrac{55 \bullet 5,280}{1}
F. \dfrac{55 \bullet 5,280}{3,600}
G. \dfrac{55 \bullet 3,600}{5,280}
H. \dfrac{55 \bullet 5,280}{60}

87. Today, Tien’s age is \dfrac{1}{4} of Jordan’s age. In 2 years, Tien’s age will be \dfrac{1}{3} of Jordan’s age. How old is Jordan today?

A. 4 years old
B. 6 years old
C. 12 years old
D. 16 years old

88. How many positive even factors of 48 are greater than 24 and less than 48?

E. 0
F. 1
G. 2
H. 12

89. The least of 5 consecutive integers is l, and the greatest is g. What is the value of \dfrac{l + g}{2} in terms of l?

A. 2l
B. 3l
C. l + 2
D. l + 5

90. Johan leased a car for three years. He paid a one-time fee of \$1,000, and an additional \$300 per month for the full three years. At the end of the three years, what is the total amount Johan paid for leasing this car?

E. \$1,900
F. \$4,600
G. \$10,800
H. \$11,800

91. There are 6 different cookies on a plate. Aiden will choose 2 of these cookies to pack in his lunch. How many different pairs of 2 cookies can he choose from the 6?

A. 12
B. 15
C. 30
D. 36

92. For a presentation, Deion can create 5 slides in 20 minutes, working at a constant rate. Kyra can create 3 slides in 10 minutes, working at her own constant rate. What is the total number of slides the two of them can create in one hour?

E. 16
F. 30
G. 33
H. 55


On the number line above, LN = \dfrac{1}{8}. Point M (not shown) is located between point L and point N. Which value below is a possible value for M?

A. 4.26
B. 4.31
C. 4.35
D. 4.58

94. An unmarked straight stick will be laid end over end to measure a distance of exactly 72 feet. The same stick will be used in the same way to measure a distance of exactly 30 feet. What is the length of the longest possible stick that can be used for both measurements?

E. 3 ft
F. 4 ft
G. 6 ft
H. 8 ft

95. Ryan must read 150 pages for school this weekend. It took him 30 minutes to read the first 20 pages. At this rate, how much additional time will it take him to finish the reading?

A. 2 \dfrac{1}{6} hrs
B. 3 \dfrac{1}{4} hrs
C. 3 \dfrac{3}{4} hrs
D. 7 \dfrac{1}{2} hrs

96. Suppose M = \dfrac{w}{x}, N = \dfrac{y}{z}, and w, x, y, and z do not equal 0. What is \dfrac{M}{N} in terms of w, x, y, and z?

E. \dfrac{wx}{yz}
F. \dfrac{wy}{xz}
G. \dfrac{wz}{xy}
H. \dfrac{xy}{wz}

97. In the set of consecutive integers from 12 to 30, inclusive, there are four integers that are multiples of both 2 and 3. How many integers in this set are multiples of neither 2 nor 3?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 13
D. 15


The graph above shows the number of schools per city for five small cities. Cities M and N each have 500 students per school. City P has 400 students per school. Cities Q and R each have 700 students per school. Which of the five cities has the greatest number of students?

E. City M
F. City P
G. City Q
H. City R

99. A box contains 5 strawberry candies, 3 banana candies, and 2 orange candies. If Braden selects 2 candies at random from this box, without replacement, what is the probability that both candies are not banana?

A. \dfrac{1}{15}
B. \dfrac{9}{100}
C. \dfrac{7}{15}
D. \dfrac{49}{100}

100. \dfrac{w}{x} = \dfrac{y}{z}

In the equation above, w, x, y, and z are positive numbers. Which of these is equal to z?

E. x
F. xy
G. \dfrac{w}{xy}
H. \dfrac{xy}{w}


On the number line above, points W, X, Y, and Z are integers, and WX:XY:YZ = 4:2:3. What is the value of \overline{WY}?

A. 8
B. 11
C. 12
D. 18

102. A metal square used in an electronic device must have a thickness of 0.02 inch, with an allowable error of 1 percent. What is the greatest allowable thickness of the metal square?

E. 0.0002 in.
F. 0.02 in.
G. 0.0202 in.
H. 0.03 in.


Mr. Blake’s biology class is divided into three sections. The same test was given to each section. The table above shows both the lowest score and the range of scores on this test for each section. What is the overall range of all scores in all three sections?

A. 25
B. 27
C. 28
D. 31

104. If 3n is a positive even number, how many odd numbers are in the range from 3n up to and including 3n + 5?

E. 2
F. 3
G. 4
H. 5

105. \dfrac{10}{13} = 0.\overline{769230}

In the infinitely repeating decimal above, 7 is the first digit in the repeating pattern. What is the 391st digit?

A. 0
B. 3
C. 6
D. 7

106. A car travels at 4,400 feet per minute. The radius of each tire on the car is 1 foot. How many revolutions does one of these tires make in 1 minute?

(Use the approximation \dfrac{22}{7} for \pi.)

E. 700
F. 1,925
G. 13,828
H. 15,400

107. 100(2 + 0.1)^{2} - 100 =

A. 101
B. 200
C. 301
D. 341

108. A sports store has a container of handballs: 4 blue, 5 red, 8 yellow, 9 white, and 11 green. If one ball is picked from the container at random, what is the probability that it will be yellow?

E. \dfrac{1}{37}
F. \dfrac{1}{8}
G. \dfrac{8}{37}
H. \dfrac{8}{29}

109. Each week, Leon has fixed expenses of \$1,250 at his furniture shop. It costs him \$150 to make a chair in his shop, and he sells each chair for \$275. What is Leon’s profit if he makes and sells 25 chairs in 1 week?

A. \$1,875
B. \$2,500
C. \$3,125
D. \$4,375

110. Using the approximation 2.54 centimeters = 1 inch, how many centimeters are in 4 feet 7 inches?

E. 21.65
F. 119.38
G. 121.92
H. 139.70


On the number line above, JK = 3 \dfrac{1}{2}, JM = 9 \dfrac{3}{4}, and LM = 1 \dfrac{1}{8}. What is the position of point L?

A. 5 \dfrac{1}{8}
B. 5 \dfrac{1}{4}
C. 5 \dfrac{1}{2}
D. 6 \dfrac{1}{4}

112. If 4x - 3y = 12, what is x in terms of y?

E. x = \dfrac{3}{4}y + 12
F. x = -\dfrac{3}{4}y + 12
G. x = \dfrac{3}{4}y + 3
H. x = -\dfrac{3}{4}y + 3


There are 20 students in a class. The frequency table above shows the number of students in this class who ate 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 servings of fruits and vegetables yesterday. What is the mean number of servings of fruits and vegetables eaten yesterday per student in this class?

A. 1 \dfrac{1}{2}
B. 3
C. 3 \dfrac{1}{3}
D. 4

114. A paste used to cover a billboard is made by mixing the following ingredients by weight: 4 parts powder, 3 parts water, 2 parts resin, and 1 part hardener. To cover one billboard requires 30 pounds of this paste. How many total pounds of resin are required to cover 4 billboards?

E. 6
F. 8
G. 24
H. 48


63. If x = 9 and y = -7, what is the value of x(x - 2y)?

A. 18
B. 45
C. 144
D. 207


In the figure above, PQRS is a parallelogram. The measure of \angle PQT is 50^{\circ}, and the measure of \angle PTQ is 70^{\circ}. What is the measure of \angle QRS?

E. 60^{\circ}
F. 70^{\circ}
G. 80^{\circ}
H. 120^{\circ}

65. M = 3N = \dfrac{P}{4} = Q + 5 = \dfrac{R}{7} \textgreater 0

Based on the statement above, which variable has the greatest value?

A. M
B. N
C. P
D. R

66. A roofing contractor uses shingles at a rate of 3 bundles for every 96 square feet of the roof covered. At this rate, how many bundles of shingles will he need in order to cover a roof that is 416 square feet?

E. 5
F. 12
G. 13
H. 14

67. To make party invitations, Macie could buy a package of paper for \$10.50, or she could buy x individual sheets of the same paper for \$0.15 each. What is the largest value of xthat would make buying the individual sheets less expensive than buying the package?

A. 60
B. 65
C. 69
D. 70

68. At 1:00 p.m. one day, the temperature was 8 degrees above zero. During the rest of the day, the temperature fell 3 degrees per hour. What was the temperature at 7:00 p.m. that day?

E. -13^{\circ}
F. -10^{\circ}
G. -7^{\circ}
H. 5^{\circ}

69. A bag contains 75 marbles that are red, blue, or green. The ratio of red to blue marbles is
15:7, and the ratio of blue to green marbles is 7:3. If 2 blue marbles are removed and replaced with 2 green marbles, what will be
the new ratio of red to green marbles?

A. 3:1
B. 5:1
C. 15:3
D. 45:11


The table above shows the number of times that different desserts were ordered at a restaurant. Based on this information, what is the probability of a customer ordering ice cream as a dessert?

E. 25\%
F. 30\%
G. 40\%
H. 48\%

71. What is the least common multiple of 24, 6, and 18?

A. 36
B. 48
C. 72
D. 144

72. One day, the Early Bird Restaurant used 15 dozen eggs for 200 breakfast customers. At this rate, approximately how many dozen eggs are needed for 300 breakfast customers?

E. 20
F. 23
G. 25
H. 30

73. A cooler contains three types of beverages: 5 bottles of apple juice, 3 bottles of grape juice, and 6 bottles of orange juice. What is the probability that a bottle chosen at random from this cooler is not apple juice?

A. \dfrac{1}{9}
B. \dfrac{5}{14}
C. \dfrac{9}{14}
D. \dfrac{2}{3}

74. A large circular dinner plate has a radius of 20 centimeters. A smaller circular plate with a circumference of 20\pi centimeters is placed in the center of the larger dinner plate. What is the area of the part of the larger dinner plate that is not covered by the smaller plate?

E. 20\pi sq cm
F. 100\pi sq cm
G. 200\pi sq cm
H. 300\pi sq cm


The table above shows prices for newspaper advertising. A store purchased \dfrac{1}{4} pages, \dfrac{1}{2} pages, and full-page space in equal numbers for a total of \$11,500. What is the total amount of page space the store purchased?

A. 1 \dfrac{3}{4} pages
B. 10 pages
C. 16 \dfrac{1}{2} pages
D. 17 \dfrac{1}{2} pages

76. How many positive odd numbers satisfy the inequality 3x + 8 \leq 92?

E. 13
F. 14
G. 17
H. 28

77. If \dfrac{36}{y} = 4x, what is the value of x when y = 3?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 9
D. 12

78. Points X, Y, and Z are on a straight line, and Y is between X and Z. Length \overline{YZ} = \dfrac{3}{5} \overline{XY}, and length \overline{XY} = 20 centimeters. What is the length of \overline{XZ}?

E. 12 cm
F. 24 cm
G. 30 cm
H. 32 cm

79. Bryana bought 1 \dfrac{3}{4} yards of cloth at \$8.00 per yard. If there was an 8\% sales tax, what was the total cost of cloth?

A. \$12.96
B. \$14.08
C. \$15.12
D. \$16.08


On the number line above, MN = 5 \dfrac{5}{6}. What is the position of point M?

E. -7 \dfrac{1}{6}
F. -4 \dfrac{1}{2}
G. 4 \dfrac{1}{2}
H. 7 \dfrac{1}{6}

81. A United States presidential coin is made from an alloy of four metals – copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel – with weights in the ratio of 177:12:7:4, respectively. The coin weighs a total of 8 grams. What is the weight of the zinc in this coin?

A. 0.28 g
B. 0.48 g
C. 0.96 g
D. 48 g

82. Jack scored a mean of 15 points per game in his first 3 basketball games. In his 4th game, he scored 27 points. What is his mean score for the first 4 games?

E. 15
F. 17
G. 18
H. 21

83. A cylindrical oil drum can hold 4,320 liters when it is completely full. Currently, the drum is \dfrac{1}{3} full of oil. How many kiloliters of oil need to be added in order to fill the drum completely?

A. 1.44
B. 2.88
C. 4.32
D. 14.10

84. Nicole’s age now is three times Carmen’s age. If Carmen will be 17 in two years, how old was Nicole 5 years ago?

E. 38 yr
F. 40 yr
G. 45 yr
H. 50 yr

85. A chemical decays in such a way that the amount left at the end of each week is 20\% less than the amount at the beginning of that same week. What percent of the original amount is left after two weeks?

A. 40\%
B. 60\%
C. 64\%
D. 80\%

86. If w - 1 is an odd integer, which one of the following must be an even integer?

E. w + 1
F. 2w - 1
G. 2w - 2
H. 2w + 1

87. Three students stand at the starting line of a running track and begin running laps at the same time. Ann completes 1 lap every 2 minutes, Jack completes 1 lap every 3 minutes, and Lee completes 1 lap every 4 minutes. How many laps does Ann complete before all three runners are once again at the starting line at the same time?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 12
D. 20

88. Simplify this expression:

4 (7 - 3x) - (5 - x)

E. 23 - 4x
F. 23 - 11x
G. 28 - 4x
H. 28 - 12x


Amy surveyed students at her school about the number of pets they have. What is the probability that a student who participated in the survey has at least 2 pets?

A. \dfrac{7}{40}
B. \dfrac{1}{12}
C. \dfrac{1}{8}
D. \dfrac{3}{10}

90. A large container is partially filled with n liters of water. Ito adds 10 liters of water to the container, making it 60\% full. If Ignacio adds 6 more liters of water, the container will be 75\% full. What is the value of n?

E. 14
F. 15
G. 26
H. 30

91. 5x^{3} + 3x + 9 + \dfrac{1}{x^{2}}

If x = 10, what is the value of the expression above?

A. 2,539.01
B. 5,039.01
C. 5,039.1
D. 5,139


R, S and T are midpoints of the sides of square MNPQ, as shown above. What is the sum of the areas of the shaded triangles?

E. 9 sq cm
F. 12 sq cm
G. 18 sq cm
H. 36 sq cm

93. The Chens spend \$5 of every \$8 they earn on planned expenses. If the family earns \$29,600 in one year, how much will they spend on planned expenses that year?

A. \$1,850
B. \$3,700
C. \$5,920
D. \$18,500

94. A pizza shop offers a choice of 3 sizes (small, medium, and large) and 7 different toppings. Different pizzas can be created by changing the size and/or the choice of toppings. If Cody wants to order a pizza with exactly 2 different toppings, how many different pizzas can he create?

E. 6
F. 21
G. 63
H. 126


The table above shows the number of cats per family in 100 households in the Blaine neighborhood. By what percentage is the number of families with 1 cat greater than the number of families with 2 cats?

A. 7\%
B. 10\%
C. 17\%
D. 20\%

96. A wooden box has a square base. The height of this box is 3 times the length of one side of the base. If one side of the base is 3 feet long, what is the volume of this box?

E. 9 cu ft
F. 27 cu ft
G. 36 cu ft
H. 81 cu ft

97. On a bike trip, Rajiv traveled 65 kilometers in 5 hours, while Shaina traveled 72 kilometers in 4 hours. How much less was Rajiv’s mean speed, in kilometers per hour (kph), than Shaina’s?

A. 1
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9

98. Points P, Q, R, and S represent -3, -1, 0, and 2, respectively, on a number line. How many units is the midpoint of \overline{PQ} from the midpoint of \overline{RS}?

E. 1
F. 2
G. 3
H. 4

99. There are 1,000 cubic centimeters in 1 liter, and 1,000 cubic millimeters in 1 milliliter. How many cubic millimeters are there in 1,000 cubic centimeters?

A. 1,000
B. 10,000
C. 100,000
D. 1,000,000


In the quarter circle above, what is x in terms of y?

E. x - 1
F. x + 1
G. \dfrac{x + 1}{2}
H. \sqrt{\dfrac{(x+1)^{2}}{2}}


The hash marks on the number line above are evenly spaced. What is the coordinate of point R?

A. \dfrac{7}{40}
B. \dfrac{9}{40}
C. \dfrac{11}{40}
D. \dfrac{21}{40}

102. Phan chose an Internet service that charges \$18.00 per month plus \$0.024 per minute. Deion chose an Internet service that charges \$30.00 per month for unlimited usage. At the end of the month, Phan’s and Deion’s charges were identical. For how many minutes did Phan use the Internet service that month?

E. 50
F. 60
G. 100
H. 500

103. In a sample of 50 cars at a local dealership, there are 12 red cars and 10 cars with backup cameras. Of the 12 red cars, 4 have backup cameras. If a car is selected at random from the given sample, what is the probability that both of the following are true: the car is not red and does not have a backup camera?

A. \dfrac{3}{5}
B. \dfrac{16}{25}
C. \dfrac{19}{25}
D. \dfrac{4}{5}

104. The decimal 0.06 can be written as the fraction \dfrac{x}{50}. What is the value of x?

E. 3
F. 6
G. 12
H. 30


What is the area of the shaded triangle shown above?

A. m + n
B. n - m
C. 2(n - m)
D. 4(n - m)


The cards in the table above are mixed in a box. Which animal pictured on a card has exactly a 1 in 4 chance of being picked at random from the box?

E. cat
F. dog
G. fish
H. horse

107. Which number line below shows the solution set for 2x - 2 \leq y \leq 4x + 10 when y = 1?


108. \dfrac{14}{21} = \dfrac{p}{7}

In the equation above, what is the value of p?

E. \dfrac{2}{3}
F. 3
G. \dfrac{14}{3}
H. 14

109. A ball is selected at random from a box that contains 7 black balls, 14 green balls, and 21 red balls. What is the probability that the ball selected is black?

A. \dfrac{1}{6}
B. \dfrac{1}{5}
C. \dfrac{1}{3}
D. \dfrac{5}{6}

110. At North High School, a survey asked two questions, Question A and Question B. For each question, students could answer either “yes” or “no.” Of the 800 students who responded to the survey, 720 answered “yes” to Question A, and 640 answered “yes” to Question B. What is the least possible number of these students who could have answered “yes” to both questions?

E. 80
F. 160
G. 560
H. 640

111. Raoul is at least 3 years older than Vahn. Which of the following inequalities gives the relationship between Raoul’s age (r) and Vahn’s age (v)?

A. r - v \geq 3
B. r - v \leq 3
C. 3 - v \leq r
D. 3 -r \leq v

112. 1 sind = 5.6 ricks
1 sind = 12.88 dalts

Using the conversion above, how many dalts are equal to 1 rick?

E. 0.43
F. 2.30
G. 7.28
H. 18.48

113. There are now x cans stacked on a shelf that holds 36 cans when full. If 4 of these cans were removed, the shelf would be half full. What is the value of x?

A. 14
B. 16
C. 18
D. 22

114. Carlos tossed a paper cup in the air 50 times and found that the probability of it landing on its side was 72\%. If he tosses the cup in the air 150 more times, what is the total number of times he can expect the cup to land on its side?

E. 72
F. 108
G. 144
H. 158

Grade 9 Math


If \overline{MN} is translated 1 unit to the left to produce M'N', what is the area of parallelogram NMM'N'?

A. 3 square units
B. 4 square units
C. 5 square units
D. 6 square units

4. Simplify:

\dfrac{p^{12} \bullet p^{0}}{p^{-4}

E. 0
F. p^{-3}
G. p^{8}
H. p^{16}


Water is pumped into a tank that is shaped like the right inverted cone shown above. The cone has a base diameter of 12 feet and a height of 4 feet. What is the volume, in cubic feet, of the water in the tank when the height of the water is 2 feet?

A. 6 \pi cu ft
B. 18 \pi cu ft
C. 24 \pi cu ft
D. 48 \pi cu ft


Straight line l passes through the origin, as shown in the figure above. What is the slope of line l in terms of a and b?

E. \dfrac{a}{b}
F. \dfrac{2b}{a}
G. \dfrac{2a}{b}
H. \dfrac{b}{a}

7. The graph shows the wolf population in Yellowstone National Park since 2000. A student drew a line of best fit to model the data.

Which statement best describes the line of fit that the student drew?

A. The line of best fit is not a strong model for the data, because the points are not close to the line.
B. The line of best fit is not a strong model for the data, because it does not pass through any of the data points.
C. The line of best fit is a strong model for the data, because both the line and the data show a negative trend.
D. The line of best fit is a strong model for the data, because about half the data points are on each side of the line.

8. To determine the price of servicing a car, a mechanic charges a fixed fee plus an hourly rate for each hour he works. If his price for 4 hours of service is \$270, and his price for 7 hours of work is \$420, what is the fixed fee that the mechanic charges?

E. \$50
F. \$60
G. \$70
H. \$120


Rectangle PQRS above is rotated 180^{\circ} about the origin to form rectangle P'Q'R'S'. What are the coordinates of R'?

A. (4, -3)
B. (-4, 3)
C. (-4, 1)
D. (-4, -3)

10. \dfrac{15.3 \times 10^{-8}}{1.5 \times 10^{4}}

What is the quotient of the expression above, expressed in scientific notation?

E. 1.02 \times 10^{-13}
F. 1.02 \times 10^{-11}
G. 1.02 \times 10^{-4}
H. 1.02 \times 10^{12}

11. Which of the following expressions is negative in value?

A. 4 - \pi
B. 3\pi - 9
C. 12 - 4\pi
D. 36 - 9\pi


In the figure above, \triangle MPR is similar to \triangle NPQ. If the length of \overline{NQ} is 10 centimeters, what is the length of \overline{MR} in terms of x?

E. 2x
F. 2x + 10
G. x + 5
H. \dfrac{1}{2}x + 5

13. The symbol (x, y, z) means \dfrac{xz + xy}{2} + zy.
What is the value of (3, 4, 8)?

A. 15
B. 34
C. 50
D. 56

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