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How to Prepare for the SAT

The SAT is a test that is on the minds or parents and their children from about the time the kid graduates junior high school. As a result, some parents start preparing their kids at an early age. There are many different conflicting pieces of information regarding when and how to best prepare for the SAT. Here is our advice.

10 Tips to Ace the SAT

1. Read

There are going to be difficult passages on the SAT. The two types of passages that give students the most trouble are scientific and older literature (non-fiction). The more you read, the easier it will be to understand the passages.

2. Memorize the formulas that are given to you.

If you have the formulas memorized, you’ll be able to apply them to the questions much easier.

SAT Formulas and Equations

3. Study the many uses of commas

Punctuation is a big part of section 2. Make sure you know when and when not to use a comma.

4. Take a practice test.

After taking a practice SAT test, you’ll better understand how tips and tricks you learn apply to the SAT. You can take a free practice test and get your assessment here:

5. Memorize your times-tables if you haven't already.

So much time is saved by being able to do mental math. Plus, Section 3 doesn’t allow a calculator.

6. Work on the topics that will raise your grade the most.

You don’t have to study your weakest topics. You have to study the topics that will raise your score the most. For example, if your weakest topic is imaginary numbers, but you also need help with functions, you should study functions because those questions appear more often. Our online SAT prep course tracks your strengths and weaknesses, so you can better prepare.

7. Set aside time to study.

High school students, especially juniors, have busy schedules. If you don’t schedule time to study, you never will.

8. Don't cram.

The best way to learn and be prepared is by practicing over a long period of time. How much time you need depends on how far away you are from your goal.

9. Study vocabulary words that appear as answer choices. 

The good news about the SAT is that there no longer is a vocabulary section (sentence completions). The bad news is that you still need a strong enough vocabulary to answer the questions since difficult vocabulary words appear as answer choices.

10. Use a study guide, tutor, or class.

By the time you take your SAT, you have been in school for 13.5 years if you count kindergarten. You have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. All of that information will not be on the SAT. An expert knows what is, so use their expertise to focus your attention on the topics that matter. You have access to the best online SAT tutors regardless of where you live.

11. Register for the SAT as soon as you can.

If you wait until the last minute to register for the SAT, there might not be seats available at the school most convenient for you, which will make your morning even more stressful if you have a long commute. Click here to register for the SAT.

Most Important Tip:

Stay calm and believe in yourself. On the day of the test, remember that it’s just a test. If you studied and prepared for it, you have nothing to worry about. Even if you have a terrible day and don’t get the score you want, you’re able to take the test again. It isn’t a make-or-break test. Just breathe, relax, and believe in yourself.

Trick for Answering Some Algebra Questions on the SAT

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