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Sharon Green MD (parent)

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“I can’t believe this test was free, but I’m not complaining! I sat down and did the math sections first because that’s what I like most then I did the reading and writing on a different day. The assessment gave me a good idea of what to prepare for and really helped. Thanks!”

Jason Schwartz (student)

Format of the Free SAT Diagnostic

The format of the free practice SAT is the same as the actual SAT. It consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Math without a calculator, and Math with a calculator. 

Section 1: Reading

The reading section has 52 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 65 minutes. The reading section is the longest part of the test. Question types include main idea, detail, inference, and supporting evidence.

Section 2: Writing

The writing sections of the SAT has 44 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 35 minutes. Question test students’ knowledge of punctuation, transition words, subject-verb agreement, subject-pronoun agreement, and organization.

Section 3: Math (No Calculator)

The no-calculator math section has 20 questions and is 25 minutes long. It includes 15 multiple choice questions and 5 student-response questions.

Section 4: Math (Calculator)

The calculator math section has 38 questions and is 55 minutes long, making it the second longest section on the test. It includes 30 multiple choice questions and 8 student-response questions.

What Your Assessment Includes

After you finish you test, you will be able to see your scaled scores and a detailed breakdown of your test.

Scaled Score

You will get an accurate scaled SAT score (out of 1600) based on your test results. Here are some important things to keep in mind when you get your results:

  • The English Score (out of 800) is the Reading Score (out of 400) and Writing Score (out of 400) combined. Reading and Writing are scored separately and then added together.
  • The Math Score (out of 800) is based on the total number of correct questions from the no-calculator and calculator sections. Unlike the English sections, the two math sections are not scored separately.


Percent Correct for Each Topic

We have thoroughly analyzed the official SATs and broken down the test questions into very specific topics, ones that are much more useful than the College Board breakdown.

For each topic, you’ll be able to see what percent of questions you answered correctly.

Room to Improve

How much room there is to improve for each topic will also be available. This is incredibly important, more important that percent correct.

For example, it matters more if you answered 70% correct with 3 wrong than 0% correct with 1 wrong. It would be better to study the topic that you got 3 questions wrong in, because you can improve the number correct by 3 and get a higher score than if you studied the topic that was 0% correct and only get one more question correct.

How to Improve 100 Points

Using your assessment and the scoring provided by the College Board, we are able to determine which topics you should study the most to improve your score 100 points or more.