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Tip for Answering Questions on the SHSAT

The SHSAT is a 3-hour long test, consisting of an ELA section and a mathematics section. The students are free to answer the questions in any order they like, so we recommend that the students start with the section that they are strongest in.

Video Transcript

If you’re taking the SHSAT, you’re going to have three full hours to complete the test.

You’re not timed and in part. Part 1 is ELA and part 2 is Math. You can do Math first or you can do ELA first.

The way scoring works is each section is scored individually and then added together.

You can do really well in one section and that can really boost your score.

So if you’re good at Math, I suggest doing Math first. This way, you have plenty of time to get through it and you’ll definitely finish the section you’re best at. Then you can go ELA. Or if you’re good at ELA, take ELA first and then go to Math.

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