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Our SHSAT Prep class is designed to best prepare students for the SHSAT. We have broken down the topics of the verbal and math sections into small, focused lessons with associated practice problems for students to hone their test-taking abilities.

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70-Hour In-Depth SHSAT Prep Class

Overview of the SHSAT

Acceptance Rate

We have a 78% acceptance rate to specialized high schools for students who scored over a 60% on their first diagnostic test. Based on previous classes, we find over an 80%* is needed to get into Brooklyn Tech or Staten Island Tech. Admission to Stuyvesant requires over a 90%* score approximately.

*The required scores are approximations based on our students’ previous results. The actual scoring of the SHSAT is a little more complicated, as a student who scores very highly in one section, Verbal or Math, and not as well in the other, may be better off than a student who scores well on both.

Available SHSAT Prep Courses

2024 In-Depth SHSAT Prep (M & W)

Monday7/1/20243:30-6:30pmTest 1
Wednesday7/3/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 1
Monday7/8/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 2
Wednesday7/10/20233:30-6:00pmLesson 3
Monday7/15/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 4
Wednesday7/17/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 5
Monday7/22/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 6
Wednesday7/24/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 7
Monday7/29/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 8
Wednesday7/31/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 9
Monday8/5/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 10
Wednesday8/7/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 11
Monday8/12/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 12
Wednesday8/14/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 13
Monday8/19/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 14
Wednesday8/21/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 15
Monday8/26/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 16
Wednesday8/28/20243:30-6:30pmTest 2
Wednesday9/4/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 17
Monday9/9/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 18
Wednesday9/11/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 19
Monday9/16/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 20
Wednesday9/18/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 21
Monday9/23/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 22
Wednesday9/25/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 23
Monday9/30/20243:30-6:30pmTest 3
Wednesday10/2/20243:30-6:00pmLesson  24
Monday10/7/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 25
Wednesday10/9/20243:30-6:30pmTest 4
Monday10/14/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 26
Wednesday10/16/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 27
Monday10/21/20243:30-6:30pmTest 5
Wednesday10/23/20243:30-6:00pmLesson 28

2024 Saturday SHSAT Prep

Saturday7/6/20249:30am-12:30pmTest 1
Saturday7/13/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 1
Saturday7/20/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 2
Saturday7/27/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 3
Saturday8/3/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 4
Saturday8/10/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 5
Saturday8/17/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 6
Saturday8/24/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 7
Saturday8/31/20249:30am-12:30pmTest 2
Saturday9/7/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 8
Saturday9/14/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 9
Saturday9/21/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 10
Saturday9/28/20249:30am-12:30pmTest 3
Saturday10/5/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 11
Saturday10/12/20249:30am-12:30pmTest 4
Saturday10/19/20249:30am-12:30pmLesson 12

Frequently Asked Questions about the SHSAT Class:

What sections are on the SHSAT?
Revising/Editing, Reading and Math

Are all sections of the test covered in the class?
Yes, all sections of the test are covered in detail.

Can I use a calculator?
No, calculators are not permitted on the SHSAT.

Do I need to buy any extra SHSAT prep books for this class?
No, we provide all necessary SHSAT review materials. Most students do not need notebooks since they can write on the handouts. However, we do recommend that students use a folder to keep each of the lessons and practice tests organized.

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*All deposits for Prep Classes or Private Tutoring Plans are non-refundable, unless due to a medical reason accompanied by a doctor’s note.

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