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Test Prep & Homework | Tutoring Services

We seek to improve education and test preparation in our hometown and nationwide. Our tutors come from a diverse background of education: engineering, business, medical, etc. Everyday, our goal is to provide the best test preparation and learning experience possible for our students with positive support, insights into their potential, and confidence necessary to do well in school.

Online Test Prep & Math Tutorials

Prepare for your next standardized test or just stay up to date with math.

Free Web-Based Math Homework

Assign pre-made math assignments to your students. Save time and effort. Your students will love our video explanations.

In-Person on Staten Island

One-on-one tutoring and small group classes are available for SAT, SHSAT, TACHS, Regents, math and more

Online Math Lessons

Feel free to browse our site and see what’s available. Our math lessons, excluding test prep lessons, are available for free. Watch our free algebra lessons and free geometry lessons. We also have elementary math lessons available, such as fractions, percents, rational numbers and order of operations.

Online Test Prep

If you are preparing for the SAT, try our free SAT vocabulary flashcards and quizzes, or if you are preparing for the TACHS, try our free TACHS vocabulary flashcards and quizzes. The benefits of membership include access to our test prep lessons, access to our practice quizzes and tests, and access to progress reports and history.

Jack signed up for the TACHS prep course as well as receiving one-on-one tutoring. We were so excited to share the news with Caddell Prep when Jack received full scholarships to all 3 of his Catholic high school choices, being accepted to Staten Island Technical High School, and being accepted to the scholarship-based Regis High School in Manhattan.” -Jen Parsons