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Testimonial from the Director of a Community Based Organization (CBO)

“They truly care about helping the students
Since the implementation of the online service, our students have voiced their appreciation of it, and our educators have informed us that it was very easy to track their students’ performance.
As a parent, as an educator, and as a professional in education, I recommend Caddell Prep because not only are their services very easy, user friendly, but at the same time, they truly care about helping the students gain better academic outcomes.”
Evelyn Herrera
Director of Youth Programs

Ready to Excel in School and on Tests?

Caddell Prep specializes in tutoring and test prep for subjects and tests that students take from grades 3 through high school, including Regents exams, high school entrance exams and college admissions. We have many ways to help parents and students prepare for tests and keep up in school including tutoring, prep classes, and online test prep.

Caddell Prep was founded by Glyn J Caddell, a graduate of NJIT (BS Mechanical Engineering) and of Staten Island Technical High School, which he is currently the alumni association president of. After working in engineering as a project manager for a data center and then as an HVAC design engineer in NYC, Glyn switched paths and founded his education company. It has been his goal to help students understand math as well as he does by making understandable connections between real life and math concepts and by building on previous concepts.  When it coms to test prep, Glyn has brought an engineer’s approach. He started by analyzing all of the past tests available and categorizing the questions into different topics and developing lessons to maximize test scores based on the questions that actually appear on the test.

SAT Prep

Students typically take the SAT, which is administered by the College Board, in spring of junior year and in fall of senior year. However, some students take it even earlier, such as I in fall of junior year. When is the best time for you to take the test? Well, very simply, it’s when you have the most time to prepare for the SAT. SAT prep can take a month or more than a year. It really just depends on how much improvement you need to get the score you want.


The SHSAT is the high school admissions test used for admission to New York City Specialized High Schools (except LaGuardia). The test is three hours long and covers English and math. Students typically start SHSAT Prep in the summer before 8th grade. Some student start years in advance; while, other students only spend a month preparing. To determine how much time you would need, we advise taking a practice test and seeing how you score on it. Then compare your score tot the cut-off scores for the most recent SHSAT.


Most Catholic High Schools in NYC require students took the TACHS (Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools) as part of their application. Schools use TACHS scores similar to the way colleges use the SAT or ACT. The TACHS makes up a part of their criteria for acceptance, placement into programs (scholars, honors, etc.) and awarding of scholarships. TACHS Prep is important because a lot is on the line. Not only can the TACHS determine if you’ll get into a school, but if you’ll get scholarship money and placed into appropriate classes. Most students start preparing during the summer before 8th grade.

Regents Prep

Students typically take Regents exams in June each year after taking the class in school. Regents exams are also offered in August and January for some tests, mostly for retakes. There are even schools that try to cover some subjects in half a year, so students have their first attempt in January and then cover another subject the second half of the year (spring semester) and take that Regents in June. Regents prep is typically started a month or more before the actual Regents. Some students may still be learning new material in class at that time, but prep can begin to review material learned earlier in the year since the tests are cumulative.

Tutoring & Test Prep on Staten Island

Caddell Prep is based out of Staten Island. Our in-person tutoring and test prep branch (Caddell Prep LLC) has been offering tutoring to students since 2012, but Glyn Caddell has been tutoring since 2008. Tutoring & Test Prep on Staten Island is available for SAT, ACT, SHSAT, TACHS, Regents, NYS Tests, math, science and more. Most students start with tutoring or test prep for one of the high school entrance exams and remain as students throughout high school for help in school and on future tests. We are conveniently located in the Oakwood neighborhood of Staten Island.

Online Tutoring

For online tutoring, we use a combination of tools including Zoom and a digital whiteboard that allows us to simultaneously work on problems and lessons together and share notes. Because of the coronavirus, all of our students had to switch to online tutoring. Surprisingly, many of the parents and actually prefer the virtual sessions to in-person sessions. It saves parents and kids time from having to travel to and from sessions. It is much easier to fit tutoring into schedules, and all of the students notes remain centrally located on their digital whiteboard for easy reference.

Online Math Lessons & Practice

We have 1,000s of video math lessons to help students keep up in school and advance in math. Our online math lessons are available for free. Anyone can access our lessons without a membership. You can also sign up for a free membership and get access to our math practice problems with video explanations.

Caddell Prep is the Trusted Name in Education

Glyn Caddell speaking to 7th-graders, who are visiting Staten Island Tech, about the SHSAT.
Caddell Prep was one of a handful of education companies chosen to present at EdSurges’s summit in Los Angeles.
Glyn Caddell spoke to students and parents at IS24 about the college admissions process.
Speaking to parents at IS 187 – Christa McAuliffe.
Group photo of presenters and student government after speaking to students about college and my career path.
At an event with students from Staten Island Tech to answer questions junior high school students and their parents may have.

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