Tutoring Testimonials

“Outstanding! Caddell Prep tutored my child first in SAT Prep and her scores increased 210 points. We also used Caddell Prep for tutoring in Pre-Calculus and Physics. Caddell Prep was able to explain complicated topics in a way that made it very easy for students to understand. Very flexible and accommodating! Would highly recommend!”

Peggy B (parent)

“During my junior year, my mother and I began looking at places that would help me prepare for the SAT because I had a lot of difficulty preparing for it on my own. We eventually agreed that Caddell Prep was the best option because of the convenient private tutoring plan that was offered, which included a free workbook, and the affordability of it. Personally, I really enjoyed the lessons. Glyn explained things in a way that made it easy to understand. I never got lost and if i had trouble completely understanding something, Glyn would help me break it down. He also taught me a lot of important tips to keep in mind while taking the SAT. I learned how to use specific strategies when it came to answering certain types of questions. For example, my trouble spot was the reading section due to the fact that I found it hard to read the passage quickly and pull out the important information; however, by doing what Glyn taught me I was able to improve my reading score by 200 points, which improved my overall SAT score a lot. I believe private tutoring really helped me out a lot because I’m shy when it comes to asking questions in front of a whole class but when it was just me and the tutor I felt completely comfortable asking any question I had, which allowed me to take full advantage of my time with the tutor. Overall, I had a very good experience at Caddell Prep and highly recommend it for students looking for a helpful tutoring center.”

Pamela Pulla (parent)

Staten Island SAT Tutoring Options

SAT/ACT Tutoring (12 Hr) $1,440 3 installments of $480
SAT/ACT Tutoring (24 Hr) $2,880 $2,640 (SAVE $240) 3 installments of $960 $880
SAT/ACT Tutoring (36 Hr) $4,320 $3,600 (SAVE $720) 3 installments of $1,440 $1,200
SAT/ACT Tutoring (48 Hr) $5,760 $4,420 (SAVE $1,440) 3 installments of $1,920 $1,474

Best option for students who prefer 1-on-1 attention or need to delve into specific topics

  • 1-on-1 individualized attention
  • Full attention of the tutor
  • Learn strategies to answer questions quickly and correctly
  • Work on topics you need help with the most

Staten Island Location

91 Guyon Ave

Staten Island, NY 10306

(917) 722-0677

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