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SHSAT Assessment

Your assessment is based on SHSAT practice problems and practice tests you have taken on our site. It updates to reflect your overall performance after each SHSAT section is completed.

Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Reading: Main Idea54.55%2 to 2 questions
Reading: Fact/Detail67.35%3 to 6 questions
Reading: Inference58.33%2 to 5 questions
Revising/Editing: Commas0%1 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Using Precise Language0%1 to 3 questions
Revising/Editing: Fragment/Run-on0%0 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Dangling Modifier0%0 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Shifts in Verb Tense0%1 to 1 questions
Revising/Editing: Transitions0%1 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Supporting & Irrelevant0%6 to 6 questions
Revising/Editing: Combining Sentences0%2 to 2 questions
Revising/Editing: Misc.0%0 to 0 questions
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Integers57.14%1 to 3 questions
Factors, Multiples, & Prime Factorization0%2 to 5 questions
Scientific Notation44.00%0 to 1 questions
Fractions66.67%0 to 1 questions
Order of Operations100.00%0 to 0 questions
Percent100.00%0 to 0 questions
Rates, Ratios, & Proportions100.00%0 to 0 questions
Mean, Median, Mode & Range100.00%0 to 0 questions
Age & Remainder60.00%0 to 2 questions
Verbal to Algebraic0%0 to 1 questions
Solving an Algebraic Equation77.78%0 to 1 questions
Solving in Terms of a Variable100.00%0 to 0 questions
Evaluating Functions66.67%0 to 0 questions
Number Lines100.00%0 to 0 questions
Angles0%0 to 2 questions
Triangles100.00%0 to 0 questions
Polygons & Circles47.06%1 to 4 questions
Volume0%0 to 1 questions
X-Y Coordinate Plane0.00%1 to 2 questions
Probability & Data66.67%0 to 1 questions
Word Problems66.67%0 to 1 questions