In this video you will learn the basics of the different types of transformations, such as translation, reflection, dilation and rotation.

The given shape is often known as the pre-image. When a transformation is applied, the points of the image is often called A’ where A is the point of the pre-image and ‘ stands for prime.

Line Reflection
Reflect a shape across a given line. The distance of the points of the pre-image to the line is the same as the points of the image to the line.

Point Reflection
Reflect a point across a given point along the same line. The distance of the pre-image to the given point is the same as as the distance from the image to the given point.

A slide of a shape in a coordinate plane. It can be upward, downward, leftward, rightward, and a combination of two actions along different axes.

A turning of a shape. A rotation of a given degree is always a counterclockwise turn unless otherwise specified.

A change in size of the shape. The pre-image can either be magnified or minimized.