Students take the SHSAT in fall of 8th grade, but many students start preparing much earlier.

It’s true that there is content on the SHSAT that 6th grade students haven’t learned yet, but there is a lot of content on the SHSAT from topics covered in 6th grade. Plus, the most advanced topics that are learned in 7th grade are based on concepts learned in 6th grade. This makes it very important to master the sixth grade material in order to prepare for the SHSAT.

6th Grade SHSAT Tutoring

Our SHSAT tutoring for 6th graders is available all year and can be scheduled at your convenience. Tutoring is also flexible because we are able to work at the child’s pace, so more time can be spent on topics if needed and can be covered more quickly if possible.

6th grade SHSAT tutoring is $60/hr ($80/hr for 7th grade and up). Packages are available for more savings.

All SHSAT prep materials are provided at no cost.

12 hours $720 3 installments of $240
20 hours $1,200 $1,100 (SAVE $100) 3 installments of $400 $367
30 hours  $1,800 $1,560 (SAVE $240) 3 installments of $600 $520

Call (917) 722-0677 to register

In-Person Tutoring

In-person tutoring is done at our office at 91 Guyon Ave, Staten Island, NY 10306. The schedule is flexible. During the school year it is done after school or on the weekends and at almost any time during the summer.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring for the SHSAT is done using our whiteboard that allows students and tutors to work together in real-time on questions. 

6th Grade SHSAT Summer Class

We offer a SHSAT prep class for 6th grade students (going into 7th grade) during the summer.

The class covers all parts of the SHSAT: Math & ELA (reading comprehension and revising & editing). Of course, the math is less intense than the regular SHSAT class, but still pushes students beyond what is covered in 6th grade, so they are more prepared.

The class includes three practice tests and 12 2.5 hour lessons, a total of 30 hours of instructional hours.

Classes are limited to 8 students per class, so students get some 1-on-1 attention.

The cost of the class is $950.

Call (917) 722-0677 to register

Date & TimeLesson
W . 07/06/22 . 12:30-3:30pmTest 1
M . 07/11/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 01
W . 07/13/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 02
M . 07/18/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 03
W . 07/20/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 04
M . 07/25/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 05
W . 07/27/22 . 12:30-3:30pmTest 2
M . 08/01/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 06
W . 08/03/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 07
M . 08/08/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 08
W . 08/10/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 09
M . 08/15/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 10
W . 08/17/22 . 12:30-3:30pmTest 3
M . 08/22/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 11
W . 08/24/22 . 12:30-3:00pmLesson 12