Online Algebra Regents Prep (Self-Paced, On-Demand)

$299.00 for 12 months


4 Original Practice Algebra Regents with Video Explanations,
6 Past Practice Algebra Regents with Video Explanations,
Personalized Assessment: Learn Your Strengths & Weaknesses,
8 Interactive Lessons,
Sets of Practice Questions with Video Explanations,
Sets of Unlimited Practice Questions with Text Explanations,
High Quality Algebra Regents Prep for MUCH LESS THAN & BETTER THAN Competitors,
Recommended by Experts

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Affordable, Personalized, Self-Paced Algebra Regents Prep


Algebra Regents Prep members get unlimited access to our Algebra Regents Prep for one year, including:

  • Algebra Regents Lessons
  • Over 3,000 Algebra Regents Practice Problems
  • 4 Part 1 (Multiple Choice) Practice Tests
  • Detailed Assessment




“I liked how the lessons were presented. They were easy to follow. I also liked that there were practice problems after each lesson, so I could practice what I just learned. Thanks to the Caddell Prep.”
-Henry Liu (student)

“I’ve already recommended Caddell Prep to other parents”
-Joann Hotaling (parent)