SAT ReportSAT Reading
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Main Idea0%3 to 5 questions
Detail0%8 to 13 questions
Inference0%6 to 10 questions
Command of Evidence0%9 to 14 questions
Author's Intention/Technique0%7 to 10 questions
Tone & Attitude0%0 to 2 questions
Word in Context0%6 to 10 questions
SAT Writing
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Effective Language Use0%5 to 13 questions
Organization33.33%1 to 2 questions
Punctuation55.56%2 to 6 questions
Sentence Structure0%5 to 8 questions
Usage0%5 to 8 questions
Relevant Information50.00%3 to 3 questions
Transitions0%1 to 3 questions
SAT Math
Topic% CorrectRoom to Improve
Solving Equations0%4 to 10 questions
Solving Quadratic Equations0%2 to 3 questions
Solving a System of Equations Graphically0%1 to 1 questions
Substitution100.00%0 to 0 questions
Elimination0%0 to 2 questions
Setting Up Equations0%1 to 4 questions
Rates0%0 to 6 questions
Percents0%2 to 5 questions
Functions0%2 to 6 questions
Linear Functions0%5 to 11 questions
Volume0%1 to 2 questions
Converting Units0%1 to 2 questions
Average Increase/Decrease0%0 to 1 questions
Common Graphs0%1 to 2 questions
Problem Solving0%1 to 3 questions
Common Math Tricks0%1 to 2 questions
Exponent Rules0%0 to 2 questions
Solving Complex Proportions0%0 to 2 questions
Trigonometry0%0 to 2 questions
Imaginary Numbers0%0 to 1 questions
Triangles0%1 to 1 questions
Angles & Polygons0%0 to 1 questions
Parabolas0%1 to 2 questions
Equating Coefficients0%0 to 2 questions
Dividing Polynomials0%0 to 1 questions
Infinite/No Solution0%0 to 1 questions
Data0%3 to 7 questions
Exponential Growth/Decay0%1 to 4 questions
Circles0%1 to 3 questions