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Online SAT Prep Class Options

4-Week In-Depth SAT Prep Course:

$1,599 $975

8-Week SAT Prep Master Course:

$1,950 $1,695

4-Week In-Depth SAT Prep Courses

In-Depth SAT Prep Course: Feb. 11 - March 7, 2024

24 hours of instruction

(Leads up to the March 9, 2024 SAT)

4-week course

3 times per week

8 x 3-hour lessons and 4 practice tests

Sundays 9am-12pm, Tuesdays 6pm-9pm, and Thursdays 6pm-9pm

Limited to 8 students per course

Su . 02/11/24 . 9am-12:00pm (Practice Test 1)
T . 02/13/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 1)
Th . 02/15/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 2)

Su . 02/18/24 . 9am-12:00pm (Practice Test 2)
T . 02/20/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 3)
Th . 02/22/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 4)

Su . 02/25/24 . 9am-12:00pm (Practice Test 3)
T . 02/27/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 5)
Th . 02/29/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 6)

Su . 03/03/24 . 9am-12:00pm (Practice Test 4)
T . 03/05/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 7)
Th . 03/07/24 . 6:00-9:00pm (Lesson 8)

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8-Week Master SAT Prep Courses

SAT Prep Master Course: April 4 - May 31, 2023

(Leads up to the June 3, 2023 SAT)

Su . 04/09/23 . anytime (Practice Test 1)
M . 04/10/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 1)
W . 04/12/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 2)

Su . 04/16/23 . anytime (Practice Test 2)
M . 04/17/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 3)
W . 04/19/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 4)

Su . 04/23/23 . anytime (Practice Test 3)
M . 04/24/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 5)
W . 04/26/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 6)

Su . 04/30/23 . anytime (Practice Test 4)
M . 05/01/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 7)
W . 05/03/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 8)

Su . 05/07/23 . anytime (Practice Test 5)
M . 05/08/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 9)
W . 05/10/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 10)

Su . 05/14/23 . anytime (Practice Test 6)
M . 05/15/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 11)
W . 05/17/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 12)

Su . 05/21/23 . anytime (Practice Test 7)
M . 05/22/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 13)
W . 05/24/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 14)

Su . 05/28/23 . anytime (Practice Test 8)
M . 05/29/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 15)
W . 05/31/23 . 6:00-9:00pm EST (Lesson 16)

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the classes delivered?

Test prep courses at Caddell Prep are offered using our online learning platform, which offers live video, audio, chat, and whiteboard.

What are the software and system requirements?

Students need access to a computer and internet access. There are no special hardware or software requirements. However, some helpful devices include a good headset with microphone and a tablet or touchscreen for writing.

How will I be able to participate in the class?

Students login to the online course at the scheduled time.

Do I need to order a textbook for class?

No, all materials are included in the cost of the online course. There are no additional fees required.

Benefits of Live Online SAT Classes

The benefits of a live online SAT prep class include:

  • Convenience and flexibility, as you can attend class from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Interaction with a live instructor who can answer your questions and provide personalized feedback
  • The ability to study with a group of students, which can help increase motivation and accountability
  • The opportunity to receive real-time support and guidance as you prepare for the exam

Two Reasons Why an Small-Sized SAT Prep Class is Better Tutoring

There are two main reason why attending an online SAT prep course is better than SAT tutoring: group dynamics and cost effectiveness.

  • Group dynamics: A small-sized SAT prep class allows for more interaction and collaboration between students, which can help increase motivation and accountability. It also allows for more opportunities for students to learn from each other and to receive feedback from their peers. A study by the University of Michigan found that students in small groups scored better on assessments than students who received individual tutoring (Source: University of Michigan, “The Effects of Small-Group and Whole-Class Instruction on Students’ Science Achievement in Elementary School” 2002)

  • Cost-effective: A small-sized SAT prep class can be more cost-effective than one-on-one tutoring as the cost is divided among the students in the class.

Online SAT Practice Tests

Students will be able to complete their practice tests online. The actual SAT is moving to an online format, so tests can be graded quicker and a lot of the logistical and administrative work is able to removed.

Another benefit of having online SAT tests is the almost instantanteous grading and reporting. With our online platform, students will get an advanced assessment highlighting students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses on the SAT

A student should identify their weaknesses on the SAT in order to focus their study efforts and improve their performance on the test. By identifying areas where they struggle, a student can target specific topics and skills that need improvement, rather than spending time reviewing material they already understand. This can help them to make the most of their study time and increase their chances of achieving a higher score on the test.

Additionally, identifying weaknesses on the SAT can also help a student to develop a better understanding of their own learning style and what strategies work best for them. For example, a student who struggles with math may benefit from more practice problems or different types of visual aids. A student who struggles with time management may benefit from learning techniques to better manage their time during the test.

Knowing one’s weaknesses also helps a student to set realistic goals and to track their progress. By focusing on specific areas, a student can see improvement over time and measure the effectiveness of their study strategies. This can help to increase motivation and boost confidence.

Why Have a Small SAT Prep Class Size

The optimal number of students in a SAT prep class can vary depending on the teaching style, class format and the needs of the students. However, generally speaking, smaller class sizes have been found to be more beneficial for students in terms of academic achievement and engagement. This is because smaller classes tend to allow for more individualized attention and support from the instructor, as well as more opportunities for student participation and collaboration.

According to a meta-analysis conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), students in smaller classes (between 6 to 15 students) outperformed those in larger classes (between 21 to 29 students) on standardized tests in reading and mathematics. Additionally, a study by the Center for Public Education found that students in smaller classes had higher attendance rates, better behavior, and higher graduation rates.

Because of this analysis, Caddell Prep keeps the class size of its live online SAT prep classes to a maximum of eight students.

Why are the Classes 24 or 48 Hours of Instruction?

The optimal number of hours a student should spend preparing for the SAT to improve 200 points can vary depending on the individual student’s starting point and learning style. However, on average, students should plan to spend at least 20-30 hours of dedicated study time in order to see a significant improvement in their scores. This is based on the College Board’s own research, which suggests that students who spend 20 hours or more on official SAT practice see an average score increase of about 200 points (Source: College Board, “SAT Suite of Assessments Annual Report: Research” 2016).

Additionally, a study by Kaplan Test Prep found that students who spent an average of 20 hours or more preparing for the SAT saw an average score increase of 130 points (Source: Kaplan Test Prep, “Kaplan Exclusive Survey: SAT Prep and College Admissions” 2016). A study by the Princeton Review also found that students who took their SAT prep course for 20 or more hours saw an average score increase of 140 points (Source: The Princeton Review, “The Princeton Review SAT® and ACT® Report: A Study of Student Preparing for the Exam” 2015).

It’s important to note that these are averages and that students may need more or less time to prepare depending on their starting point and the resources they have access to. Some students may see improvements with less than 20 hours of study time, while others may require more.

Since these are the average score increases, there are some students who improve more than the average and some who improve less than the average. In order to help students improve the most, it is best to study as much as possible. An interesting point from the Kaplan and Princeton Review studies is that it refers to students who studied 20 hours or more, which could include students who studied 100 hours.

What is a Live Online SAT Prep Class?

Our live online SAT prep class is a test preparation course conducted over the internet, via our video conferencing software with built-in whiteboard and PDF notes. Our classes are led by a live instructor who is able to interact with students in real-time, providing instruction, answering questions, and providing feedback and support.

These classes are similar to traditional in-person SAT prep classes, but they offer the added convenience and flexibility of being able to attend class from anywhere with an internet connection. They offer the same curriculum and materials as in-person classes and include interactive exercises, practice tests, and other tools to help students prepare for the exam. 

Our live online SAT prep classes also offers additional features such as online homework with instant feedback and online practice tests with advanced assessment and scoring. The goal of this type of class is to provide students with an even higher level of instruction and support as an in-person class, while allowing them to study from the comfort of their own home or other location.