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Which Colleges Accept SAT Superscores?

For many high school students, their SAT scores play an important role in their college application. College admissions officers from various institutions refer to SAT scores when checking the level of a student’s academic ability. This helps them ensure that you are ready to handle the rigor of complex college courses. However, not all schools […]

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Top 10 Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rates

Many students aspire to pursue bachelor’s degrees in Ivy League universities. However, college acceptance rates to those institutions tend to discourage prospective students from attending the school of their dreams. Some individuals may even feel like they can’t achieve their career goals if they can’t get into an elite university. The good news is there […]

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10 Tips on How to Win College Scholarships

Getting into and graduating college is definitely not an easy feat. From long application procedures to countless entrance exams, it can be difficult to juggle everything.  It’s also worth noting that higher education is costly–tuition and other college fees increase significantly every year. Thus, many students turn to scholarships. Most parents and students cover college […]

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6 Essential Tips on How to Get into an Ivy League School

When it comes to higher education, Ivy League universities are known for their high academic and social prestige. Many students want to know how to get into an Ivy League school in hopes of joining a highly selective and well-known institution. Aside from offering the best facilities, this group of elite colleges is directly connected […]

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College Admission

What SAT/ACT Scores You Need for Certain Colleges

Students always ask, “What SAT score do I need to get into college?” The answer to that question is a little complex. Admissions officers evaluate each student as a whole, not simply by one score or metric. The combination of GPA, SAT/ACT scores, difficulty of courses, extracurricular activities, and more is used to determine admission […]

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