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Quick Overview

#1 "My Profile" Page

You can view a lot of your information from the “My Profile” page including:

  • Recent quizzes attempted and scores
  • Links to diagnostic tests
  • Overall performance
  • List of available test prep courses, including links to ones you have access to

#2 "My Assignments" Page

If you were asked to join by your teacher, this is where you will see your assignments from your teacher. It shows what assignments on due, when they are due, and how you did on them.

In order to see assignments, you must join your teacher’s class. 

On the “My Profile” page, you can enter the class code provided by your teacher to join the class.

If you want your teacher to use our platform for your class, share this link: https://caddellprep.com/classroom

#3 Assessments

After a diagnostic test, you will be able to view your assessment on the test.

What makes our assessment so powerful is that it not only tells you what percent your got correct for each topic, but how much room there is to improve on each topic.  This helps you prioritize which topic to study for.

You should focus on the topics with the most room to improve.

#4 Test Prep Courses

To access our test prep courses you can either sign up for an individual course or sign up for a Test Prep+ membership, which will give you access to all courses.

You can find more information about our courses here: https://caddellprep.com/online-test-prep/

#5 Online Tutoring

If you need any additional help, online tutoring is available. Your first session is half price.

More information is available here: https://caddellprep.com/live-online-tutoring/