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How to Pass the Geometry Regents Exam (New York State Common-Core)

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Students who are concerned with passing the Geometry Regents should be aware that it is more difficult than passing the Algebra Regents, at least in terms of the number of questions you need to answer correctly. For almost every Geometry Regents Exam (Common-Core) administered up to today, students could pass by answering 17 multiple choice questions correctly and no free-response questions correctly. By comparison, students only needed to answer 15 multiple choice questions correctly, on average, to get a 65 on the Algebra Regents.

However, the most recent Geometry Regents, January 2018, only required 15 multiple choice questions to be answered correctly to get a 65. It isn’t known if this will continue, so students should be prepared to answer at least 17 multiple choice questions correctly in order to get a 65. If students are able to get any credit for the free-response questions, then the number of multiple choice questions needed goes down.

Disclaimer: The scoring can change from test to test, so the required number of correct answers is subject to change.

Number of Correct Multiple Choice Questions to Get a 65
(If 0% Correct Open-Ended Questions)

Regents Date # of Correct M.C.
January 2018 15 out of 24
August 2017 17 out of 24
June 2017 17 out of 24
January 2017 17 out of 24
August 2016 17 out of 24
June 2016 17 out of 24
January 2016 17 out of 24
August 2015 17 out of 24
June 2015 17 out of 24

How the Geometry Regents is Scored

The Geometry Regents uses a conversion table to change a raw score into a scaled score. The raw score ranges from 0-86, while the scaled score ranges from 0-100. The raw score is the total of point gained for each question. The 24 Part I questions, multiple choice, are worth 2 points each. The rest of the test is free-response and each part has different scoring. The seven questions in Part II are worth 2 points each, the three questions in Part III are worth 4 points each, and the two questions in Part IV are worth 6 points each. All together, the points from the four parts add up to 86.

Less than 65% to get a 65

For the majority of the Geometry Regents exams administered so far, a student only needed to have a raw score of 33 or 34 to get a 65. Since the maximum raw score is 86, a student only needed to get 40% of the points (34 out of 86 points) to get a 65. If we only examine the multiple choice questions and ignore the other three parts, we see that a student needs to answer 71% of the multiple choice questions correctly (17 out of 24) to get a 65 for the entire test.

Geometry Regents Help

We have online test prep for the Geometry Regents Exam here with lessons, practice problems, sample tests and assessment.

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