Best Finance Colleges in Montana

Big Sky Country, otherwise known as Montana, is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and commitment to quality higher education. While Montana might seem like an unexpected choice for finance studies, several institutions in the state offer commendable finance programs. Let’s delve into some of Montana’s finest colleges offering finance degrees.

Carroll College

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Carroll College in Helena is a private institution known for its dedicated liberal arts curriculum. The finance program at Carroll integrates a strong foundation in business principles with advanced finance techniques, preparing students for corporate finance, investment banking, and financial planning careers.

Annual Cost, Enrollment, and SAT Range

Tuition at Carroll College averages around $36,000 per year. The college enrolls approximately 1,400 students, with an SAT score range of 1060-1290 for admitted students.

The University of Montana

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Located in Missoula, the University of Montana (UM) provides students with a finance program through its College of Business. Students learn about financial markets, corporate finance, and investment strategies here. The program’s strength lies in its blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences, often through internships and practical projects.

Annual Cost, Enrollment, and SAT Range

For out-of-state students, the annual tuition at UM is roughly $27,000. With a diverse student body, the university enrolls over 10,000 students. The SAT range for admitted students lies between 990-1220.

Montana State University

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In the vibrant town of Bozeman, Montana State University (MSU) offers a finance program through its Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship. Students at MSU are introduced to various finance areas, including risk management, investments, and financial analytics. The curriculum emphasizes real-world problem-solving and analytical skills.

Annual Cost, Enrollment, and SAT Range

The annual cost for out-of-state students at MSU is about $25,500. The university has a sizeable enrollment, with over 16,000 students. Admitted students typically have an SAT score between 1090-1310.

Best Finance Colleges in Three Other States

Best Finance Colleges in Washington

The University of Washington, Washington State University, and Seattle University are among Washington’s top finance educational institutions.

Best Finance Colleges in Idaho

Boise State University, the University of Idaho, and Idaho State University are well-regarded for their finance programs in Idaho.

Best Finance Colleges in North Dakota

The University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, and Minot State University offer strong finance curricula, preparing students for various roles in the financial sector.

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In summary, while Montana might be more recognized for its natural beauty than finance education, the state is home to several colleges that offer robust finance programs. Students keen on exploring finance as a career have some solid options to consider within Montana’s borders.