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New Kids’ Book: Lucas & His Rocket

With the birth of my son approaching, I started thinking about all of the things I want to teach him and do with him. I had really big ambitions, probably too high, like building an electric kid’s car with him. I’d have to teach myself first. We’ll see what happens. I realized what really matter […]

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Which Colleges Accept SAT Superscores?

For many high school students, their SAT scores play an important role in their college application. College admissions officers from various institutions refer to SAT scores when checking the level of a student’s academic ability. This helps them ensure that you are ready to handle the rigor of complex college courses. However, not all schools […]

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SHSAT Prep Class for Mark Twain

Our SHSAT Prep class for Mark Twain students is designed to best prepare students for the SHSAT. We have broken down the topics of the verbal and math sections into small, focused lessons with associated practice problems for students to hone their test-taking abilities. Due to requests from parents of Mark Twain students, we have […]

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