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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 11

1. The date for the election was __________, set months in advance by the electoral commission.
2. The website served as a __________ to a wealth of information on various topics.
3. The company was accused of engaging in __________ business practices, taking advantage of vulnerable consumers.
4. The scientist __________ a new hypothesis to explain the unusual behavior of the particles.
5. The __________ material allowed the water to filter through quickly.
6. The artist specialized in __________, capturing the essence of her subjects on canvas.
7. The doctor __________ a course of antibiotics to treat the bacterial infection.
8. He kept his __________ diary hidden away from prying eyes.
9. The weather forecast __________ a sunny day, but it ended up raining heavily.
10. She was able to __________ a subtle change in his mood, indicating he was upset.
11. The murder was __________, with the suspect having planned it in detail.
12. The __________ of evidence pointed towards the defendant's guilt.
13. The rocket's __________ included a satellite for communication and scientific instruments for data collection.
14. The philosopher spent hours __________ the nature of existence.
15. The lion's __________ instincts kicked in as it stalked its prey across the savanna.
16. The new mayor's policies were a stark contrast to those of his __________.
17. The __________ rain caused delays in the construction project.
18. Despite facing numerous challenges, the team __________ in their efforts to climb the mountain.
19. The minor characters played a __________ role in the story, but their actions still impacted the main plot.
20. His __________ approach to problem-solving helped him find efficient solutions.


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