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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 16

1. The jury reached __________ on the verdict, finding the defendant guilty.
2. The plants seemed to __________ in the warm sunlight and fertile soil.
3. After receiving __________, the professor was granted a permanent position at the university.
4. The private investigator conducted her surveillance in an __________ manner, blending in with the crowd.
5. The stock market can be __________, making it difficult to predict future trends.
6. The pocketknife proved to be a __________ tool for camping and hiking.
7. The __________ soldier's identity was never revealed.
8. The critic dismissed the novel as __________, claiming it lacked any unique or fresh ideas.
9. The swan glided __________ across the still water of the lake.
10. The speaker used statistics and graphs to __________ the key points of her presentation.
11. The philosopher's __________ ideas challenged conventional thinking and opened new perspectives.
12. The scientist conducted further experiments to __________ the findings of the initial study.
13. The details of the secret mission were considered __________ to the general public.
14. The evidence linking him to the crime was __________ at best, relying on hearsay and speculation.
15. The __________ movements of the giraffe made it look comical as it tried to reach the leaves on the high branch.
16. Gravity is a __________ law, affecting all objects with mass in the universe.
17. The coach __________ the opponent's skills, leading to a surprising defeat for the team.
18. She could no longer __________ his rudeness and decided to confront him about his behavior.
19. The fingerprints found at the crime scene provided __________ evidence of his involvement.
20. The error in the software was __________, causing a system crash that no one anticipated.


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