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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 14

1. The antique vase was carefully __________ to its former glory after years of neglect.
2. The customer was not __________ with the quality of the product and demanded a refund.
3. The team showed a __________ spirit, bouncing back from their initial setbacks.
4. The new findings have __________ implications for our understanding of climate change.
5. The losing team __________ by intensifying their efforts in the second half of the game.
6. This advanced course will __________ a strong foundation in mathematics.
7. The __________ helped scholars decipher the ancient Egyptian language, unlocking a wealth of knowledge.
8. The dessert was rich, decadent, and incredibly __________.
9. The wine __________ contained a variety of reds, whites, and rosés.
10. The report highlighted the __________ of the current infrastructure, emphasizing the need for upgrades.
11. The professor's __________ work earned him respect in the academic community.
12. The sound of laughter __________ off the walls of the empty hallway.
13. The __________ of the old town brought new life and energy to the community.
14. His knowledge of the subject was __________, barely scratching the surface of its complexities.
15. The __________ of the museum was adorned with intricate murals and mosaics.
16. The coach __________ the best athletes for the team based on their skill and potential.
17. The winners of the gold, silver, and bronze medals were Tom, Dick, and Harry, __________.
18. He spoke in a __________ tone, avoiding any unnecessary details or emotions.
19. The __________ organization operated under a veil of secrecy, keeping its activities hidden from the public.
20. The company's __________ to customer complaints was impressive, ensuring a positive experience for everyone.


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