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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 13

1. The lawyer presented evidence to __________ the defendant's alibi.
2. I can't __________ where I put my keys; I've searched everywhere!
3. The company __________ the actions of its rogue employee, condemning their unethical behavior.
4. The artist felt __________ by the strict rules of the academy, limiting their creative expression.
5. The mirror __________ the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
6. The __________ for the hormone insulin is located on the surface of cells.
7. The war veteran __________ the harrowing events of the battle with vivid detail.
8. The elected official served as a __________ for their constituents, voicing their concerns in parliament.
9. The new evidence __________ the theory that the suspect was involved in the crime.
10. The athlete drank electrolytes to __________ their body's fluids after the marathon.
11. He expressed deep __________ for the hurtful words he had spoken in anger.
12. After winning the lottery, she will __________ a substantial amount of money.
13. The study's findings were __________ in multiple trials, strengthening their validity.
14. The smell of rotten food __________ her, causing her to gag.
15. It's important to __________ to others with empathy and understanding.
16. The musical featured a __________ of the popular song from the first act.
17. The __________ attacks on the city continued for weeks, causing widespread panic and fear.
18. Even after all these years, his face was still __________ in the old photographs.
19. The prince was forced to __________ his claim to the throne in order to avoid a civil war.
20. The friendly neighbor brought over a pie, and she felt obligated to __________ the gesture.


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