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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 12

1. Obesity is a __________ health issue in many developed countries.
2. Good will eventually __________ over evil, the author wrote in his novel.
3. The politician's __________ to the scandal was swift and decisive.
4. The lawyer __________ the opposing counsel's arguments with compelling evidence.
5. She was a vocal __________ of animal rights and dedicated her life to protecting them.
6. The neighbors __________ about the noise coming from the late-night party.
7. The celebrity's name was __________ featured in the headlines of major newspapers.
8. The king __________ a new law that would affect all his subjects.
9. The detective __________ the suspect about their whereabouts on the night of the crime.
10. The university's __________ attracted scholars and researchers from around the world.
11. The philosopher's __________ ideas challenged conventional thinking.
12. __________ behavior, like volunteering and helping others, is essential for a healthy society.
13. The comedian's jokes __________ laughter from the audience.
14. The buffet offered a __________ of dishes from different cuisines.
15. He was forced to __________ his earlier statements after new evidence emerged.
16. His argument __________ a shared understanding of the underlying principles.
17. The documentary __________ a sense of hope and optimism for the future.
18. The accuracy of the witness's testimony was __________ by the defense attorney.
19. Given the lack of evidence, I __________ he is innocent until proven guilty.
20. Car accidents are often __________, caused by distracted or impaired driving.


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