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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 15

1. Based on the limited evidence, I __________ that the suspect had fled the country.
2. The students were instructed to __________ the effects of caffeine on heart rate for their science project.
3. During the famine, people had to __________ on whatever food they could find.
4. After a long battle with cancer, she finally __________ to the disease.
5. The athlete trained __________ to prepare for the upcoming marathon.
6. Scientists continue to __________ about the possibility of life on other planets.
7. The presentation flowed __________ from one topic to the next, leaving the audience impressed.
8. The new hospital is __________ on a hill overlooking the city.
9. The family struggled to maintain a basic level of __________ after losing their home.
10. The task was surprisingly __________; I was expecting it to be much more complex.
11. He remained __________ of their claims, demanding to see proof before he would believe them.
12. The company's profits showed a __________ increase after implementing a new marketing strategy.
13. The detective's __________ that the butler was the killer turned out to be incorrect.
14. The unexpected twist in the movie's plot left the audience in a state of __________.
15. The small business was __________ to keep up with the demands of larger competitors.
16. The __________ model of education has served us well, but it's time to consider new approaches.
17. The underdog team's victory __________ everyone's expectations.
18. The __________ of the dancers' movements was mesmerizing, creating a beautiful spectacle.
19. The doctor recommended taking a vitamin __________ to improve her overall health.
20. The __________ chapters of the report detailed the findings and recommendations.


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