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Digital SAT Vocabulary Set 4

1. A __________ of rising inflation is an increase in interest rates.
2. He gave a __________ speech, expressing his gratitude and appreciation for the award.
3. The CEO decided to __________ the responsibility of managing the new project to a trusted team member.
4. The researchers will __________ deeper into the data to analyze the underlying patterns and trends.
5. The magician's tricks were so __________ that the audience was completely fooled.
6. The architect __________ a unique design for the new museum, combining modern and traditional elements.
7. The jury's verdict was __________, determining the defendant's fate.
8. Many modern medicines are __________ from natural sources, such as plants and herbs.
9. The knight bravely __________ the kingdom from the invading dragon.
10. The food critic's review of the restaurant was quite __________, highlighting several flaws in the cuisine.
11. Despite his hardships, he faced adversity with __________ and grace.
12. The workers' union presented a list of __________ to the company, including higher wages and better benefits.
13. The company's new product line __________ from its traditional offerings, targeting a younger demographic.
14. The general's __________ leadership during the battle led to a swift victory.
15. It might seem __________, but sometimes taking a break from studying can actually improve your focus.
16. The painting aimed to __________ the emotions of joy and hope.
17. There was a barely __________ change in her expression when she heard the news.
18. The suspect __________ the allegations against him, claiming he was innocent.
19. The scientist was __________ with the groundbreaking discovery in genetic research.
20. Many companies are adopting a more __________ approach, empowering local teams to make decisions.


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