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NYC High Schools Reopened on March 22, 2021

High Schools in Staten Island and the rest of New York City returned to face-to-face class on March 22, imposing various school health protocols to students during COVID-19.

Half of NYC high schools can return to their normal system of learning on March 22. Approximately 55,000 students who chose face-to-face learning are back to the five days a week class but are conditioned for social distancing, daily health screening and weekly COVID-19 testing.

Each school was seriously prepared for the return of in-person learning since they closed in the middle of November in the previous year but are thrilled for the turn of events.

Principal of New Dorp High School Deirdre DeAngelis said, “I’m excited to see my kids today, I’m really excited.” She anticipates on going back to normal as soon as Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the reopening of face-to-face learning for public schools in the city and said that they are doing their job the best way they can.

“We’ve been doing the best we can. We have open lines of communications, it’s been really strong and supportive and we’ve had a lot of academic and social-emotional supports available to the students but nothing’s better than being in person,” DeAngelis further said. “I think the students really need to be back, I think they need to be with each other safely, and I think our staff needs to have contact with them face-to-face.” She put an emphasis on making things work for the students and not compromising their safety.

Most students expressed their preference for face-to-face learning. “I’ll learn a lot better than remote,” said John, a junior student who refused to give his surname. It was similar for Curtis Highschool student, Andeta Kapica who said learning is “way better in person.” (

A freshman said he feels strange returning to the normal after months of distance learning

Students were welcomed by a huge banner and cheerleaders in the front of the building, observing social distancing.

Those who are learning remotely can have the chance to shift to blended learning starting March 24 until April 7 of this academic year.

School Health Protocols

To secure Covid-19 testing, students must comply with a consent form. Compulsory school testing will take place once a week through a random selection. The form can be submitted to New York City Schools Account (NYCSA) or to the school itself once students are back to the building. Persons not permitted to take the test are those who have underlying medical reasons, students with disabilities and other people whose safety is at risk when taking the test at school.

Health and safety precautions should be observed inside the vicinity of the school, such as often washing of hands, wearing a face covering, avoiding crowded places, and frequent monitoring of health are such.

You should seek a doctor’s assistance if you have symptoms like fever, sore throat, headache, and difficulty in breathing. Come to school again only when fever-free for at least 72 hours without taking medicine. Call 311 when seeking medical help.

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