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Students have busy schedules that don’t always match up well with a tutor’s schedule or a class schedule. Plus, it may be hard to find a tutor or instructor in your area who can actually teach.

That’s why our online SAT Prep Course is the best option for most students.

What you can expect from the course:

1. Take a Diagnostic Test
2. Get Your Detailed Assessment
3. Work Through Interactive Lessons
4. Try Practice Problems Included In The Lessons, Keeping You Engaged & Testing Your Understanding
5. Watch Video Explanations of Questioins You Need Help With
6. Practice Additional Sample Questions
7. Take More Practice Tests & Check Your Updated Assessment

How Some Students Use Our Course:

Most students use our course by itself

Some use it as a supplement to other test prep or tutoring

Some students practice a little each night, 20-30 minutes each night

Some practice once or twice per week for a couple of hours at a time.

Testimonials from EXPERTS in Education

"It’s an excellent standalone tutoring program in addition to one that can be used with teachers. The program grades the papers for the kids making it much easier for the tutors, and everyone seems quite happy with it."
Barry Levine
SI Tech STEAM Camp Tutoring Supervisor
"Since the implementation of the online service, our students have voiced their appreciation of it, and our educators have informed us that it was very easy to track their students' performance."
"As a parent, as an educator, and as a professional in education, I recommend Caddell Prep because not only are their services very easy, user friendly, but at the same time, they truly care about helping the students gain better academic outcomes."
Evelyn Herrera
Director of Youth Programs (Local CBO)

Testimonials from Customers

“This program is AWESOME!”

student (1430 on SAT)

“What I like most about Caddell Prep is that the explanations are videos, so it makes it really easy to learn from my mistakes”

Daniel Kim (student)

“I’ve already recommended Caddell Prep to other parents”

Joann Hotaling (parent)

“I was able to increase my score by 210 points just because of this site”


"Will this work for my child?"

My child has good grades, but not a good test-taker...

Too often, we come across students who have high grades in school that don’t match up with their standardized test scores. It’s a common problem among students and a concern for students and their parents.

However, we are able to help turn those students into great SAT test-takers. The transformation involves learning tricks to answer questions and gaining confidence in their abilities. Gaining confidence is the hard part, but it’s not impossible. Gaining confidence comes from practicing questions, taking sample tests and learning from mistakes. Student’s success in practice translates to success on the actual test.

My child hasn't done any type of prep yet...

That’s okay. This course is designed to be sufficient for most students as a stand-alone option. All of the lessons that are covered in one of our in-person courses or tutoring are covered in this online course. We have had students from all levels and starting points use our course to prepare for the SAT and improve! 

My child is already preparing and has a high score, but I want him to improve even more and get into a top college...

That’s great! This is the perfect supplement to any type of other preparation. Our online SAT prep provide extremely specific analysis of strengths and weaknesses that allow students to focus their preparation on the topics that will help them increase their scores even more.

I’m sure you have said:

I want to prepare for the SAT, but...

...I don't have the time because of a busy and constantly changing schedule

Our online SAT prep course is perfect for students like you. All of the lessons are available on-demand. You can go through the lessons any time that is convenient for you from any of your devices. If you have a break in school, you can log on and prepare. If you have a 30-minute gap between one activity and another, you can log on and prepare. If you get home late and have some time before you go to sleep, you can log on and prepare. It fits perfectly into your schedule. 

...I can't find an expert / trustworthy / recommended / affordable tutor in my area

A problem of working with a tutor is that you always have to test him or her out and he or she might not be a good fit. Maybe the tutor is good, but maybe not. With some tutors charging ridiculous amounts of money per hour for tutoring, just finding a good tutor can get very expensive! Even if you go to one of the franchises, there’s no guarantee that the tutor will be an expert or teach the material the way the franchise wants it taught. Using our online course ELIMINATES that problem. The course is taught by our expert instructors.  The best version of each lesson has been recorded, so you’ll always get the best lesson.

...I don't know who to trust

Our course is highly recommended by experts in education. Our technology and business is supported by some of the top organizations in education. Also, our customers rave about how great the course is. On top of all of that, we put our money where our mouth is. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits of our online SAT prep course

Get an SAT Score You Can Be Proud Of!

When you use coupon code: COVID

Your Access to Our Online Self-Paced SAT Course Never Expires



If you’re not completely satisfied with our course within the first five days, we’ll give you a 100 percent refund of every penny you paid for it.


If your score doesn’t increase from the first test to the last test, we’ll completely refund every cent you paid for this course.

Steps to Prep for the SAT

The steps above are the most effective way to prepare for the SAT (or any test). For a high-stakes test, you need a plan, and you need to stick to it. On tests in which every question matters, it’s important to prepare properly. Depending on how many questions you answered correctly, an additional question correct could result in 0, 10, or 20 more points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Online SAT Prep

What sections are included on the SAT?

Reading, Writing & Language, two Math sections, and an optional essay.

Are all sections of the SAT covered?

All sections of the test are covered in detail, except for the optional sat essay. Most colleges do not require the essay, and it doesn’t affect your SAT score, so we do not cover it.

Can I watch the lessons in any order and answer practice questions/tests in any order?

Yes, you can go through our content in any order. However, we recommend that you follow the order in which the content is presented. Your study plan should reflect your assessment, which is updated after each practice test section is completed.

Can I use a calculator while taking the SAT?

Yes, calculators are not permitted on one of the math sections, section 4, but not the other, section 3.

When should I start preparing for the SAT?

The answer depends on your goals and where your score is now. It is best to take a practice test and see how far your score is from your goal. Higher scores are possible from going through our lessons and applying what you learned on practice tests. The more you work, the more your score will improve. It is better to work over an extended period of time, than to try and cram everything in a limited number of days. Research has proven that breaks in between learning helps retain knowledge (How to Study for a Test).

Are formulas given on the SAT?

There is a reference table with some formulas and relationships provided, but it is not all inclusive. For example, students may need to use the quadratic formula, but it is not given.

Online SAT Prep Course Overview

Increase your score with our self-paced, online SAT prep course. The test is based on concepts taught throughout high school, but it would be almost impossible (and unnecessary) to prepare for the test by trying to review everything that was taught in grades 9 through 11. The SAT tests specific topics taught during those grades, not every topic. Our course covers all of the necessary topics and strategies for answering the questions that appear on the SAT.

Knowing what concepts the SAT tests you on will save you time and help you more readily find the right answer. Most students who take the Writing and Language Test cold have no idea how to answer the questions. Students typically answer those questions based on “what sounds correct.” However, after completing our Writing and Language lessons, students are able to quickly identify the best way to revise a sentence since they know what to look for. This results in saved time and higher scores. The same is true for reading and math.

SAT Lessons & Practice Questions

Our online SAT Prep course provides SAT lessons followed by practice problems to test your knowledge and keep you engaged. We track your progress as you work through the lessons, practice problems, and sample tests to give you an updated assessment highlighting your strengths, weaknesses and areas for greatest improvement.

The SAT is used by many colleges to determine admission, placement, and scholarships. Watch our video tutorials and then try the associated practice problems. With our video lessons and explanations, it is like having an SAT tutor by your side while you prepare.

Full-Length SAT Practice Tests

Get ready for the big day by taking practice SAT exams. Try to complete the test in one sitting, just like on test day. Use the practice tests to monitor your progress and identify your weaknesses. The SAT is broken into four main sections: Reading, Writing & Language, Math (No Calculator) and Math (Calculator).

Preparing for the SAT & College Applications

Many colleges use the SAT as part of the admissions and scholarship criteria. Typically, the SAT is not used as the sole factor to determine admission into a college, but a higher test score improves chances of being accepted, can determine academic placement, and can improve the likelihood of receiving a scholarship. Most colleges post information on their websites regarding the average SAT score of their most recent freshman class. Here is a blog post with ACT and SAT scores for certain colleges.

Get an SAT Score You Can Be Proud Of!

When you use coupon code: COVID

Your Access to Our Online Self-Paced SAT Course Never Expires



If you’re not completely satisfied with our course within the first five days, we’ll give you a 100 percent refund of every penny you paid for it.


If your score doesn’t increase from the first test to the last test, we’ll completely refund every cent you paid for this course.