The 9th-grade SHSAT isn’t much different than the 8th-grade SHSAT, but it is more difficult. Students are expected to know more algebra than before

How to Prepare for the 9th Grade SHSAT

Students have to take this test seriously. The test is a little more difficult than the one offered to 8th-graders. There are much less students taking the test in 9th grade, but there are also fewer seats available. Some schools will only have single-digit seats available for transfer students, the competition for seats is high.

SHSAT Tutoring

For many students, tutoring is the best option. Most students who are taking the test in 9th grade are students who just missed out on getting into a specialized high school the previous year, so they will need help on specific topics. SHSAT tutoring is the best way to address those needs.


Most tutoring centers do not offer an SHSAT class for the 9th grade SHSAT and neither do we.  However, it could be helpful for a student to take the class for the grade 8 tests and add some supplemental tutoring sessions to cover the few advanced topics that are on the 9th grade test.

Our on-demand online SHSAT course includes the supplemental 9th grade SHSAT math topics, so it is a great stand-alone option to help prepare for the test.