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Solving Compound Inequalities

In this video, we will be learning how to solve compound inequalities.

“And” inequalities are drawn toward one another

“Or” inequalities are drawn away from one another

For Example:

 3x+5\textless1 or 2x-8\geq12

Solve the inequalities individually first

 3x+5\textless1                                                          2x-8\geq12

 3x+5-5\textless1-5                                       2x-8+8\geq12+8

 \frac{3x}{3}\textless\frac{-4}{3}                                                                 \frac{2x}{2}\geq\frac{20}{2}

 x\textless\frac{-4}{3}                            or                                   x\geq10

comp ineq



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