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Will NYC Schools Require Students to be Vaccinated?

What’s the latest update for New York City schools this Fall?

New mandates regarding COVID-19 vaccinations from the mayor’s office have parents wondering what it means for their children.

Vaccines will be required to enter certain indoor locations such as gyms, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

What makes the rollout fishy when it comes to schools is the dates associated with the mandate.

The mandate goes into effect August 16, 2021 and enforcement starts on September 13, 2021, the same date as the start of school.

No news regarding what will happen this Fall has been provided, but if we learned anything over the past 17 months, it’s that this shouldn’t appear to be a coincidence and that the decision will be provided at the last second haphazardly.

It is still uncertain whether or not there will be remote options for students. All we know is that the DOE plans to offer remote learning for students who are vulnerable and is “considering” a remote option for students with family members who are immunocompromised (SI Live).

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