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TACHS Test Prep Strategies: Tips and Techniques for Success

If you’re a student looking to attend a Catholic high school, then you’re probably familiar with the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS). This exam is a crucial step in the admissions process, and it’s essential to prepare well in advance to ensure you get the best possible score. With the right TACHS test prep strategies, you can boost your confidence and improve your chances of success.

The TACHS exam tests your academic skills in four areas: reading, language, mathematics, and reasoning. It’s a challenging test, but with the right TACHS test prep strategies, you can feel confident and prepared when test day arrives. Whether you’re aiming for a top score or just hoping to pass, you can use many tips and techniques to improve your performance.

Let’s explore some of the most effective TACHS test prep strategies, from developing a study plan to practicing with sample questions. By following these tips and techniques, you can confidently approach the TACHS exam and increase your chances of success. So, let’s get started!

Preparing for the TACHS Exam

Preparing for the TACHS exam can be overwhelming, but you can increase your chances of success with the right strategies and techniques. 

TACHS Test Preparation Strategies

One essential TACHS test preparation strategy is to start studying early. You should begin preparing for the exam at least a few months in advance. This will give you enough time to cover all the topics and practice questions.

Another essential strategy is to focus on your weaknesses. Identify the areas where you need improvement and work on them—for example, practice reading and answering questions on different passages if you struggle with reading comprehension.

It’s also essential to practice writing skills. The TACHS exam includes a writing section, so practice writing essays and improving your grammar and vocabulary.

Lastly, use TACHS test prep books and online resources to help you prepare for the exam. These resources provide practice questions, test-taking strategies, and other helpful information to help you succeed.

Practice Tests

Practice tests are an essential part of TACHS exam preparation. They help you become familiar with the exam format, types of questions, and time constraints. You can find practice tests in TACHS test prep books and online resources.

When taking practice tests, simulate exam conditions as much as possible. Find a quiet place to take the test and time yourself. This will help you become comfortable with the exam format and improve your time management skills.

After taking a practice test, review your answers and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Use this information to focus your studying and improve your performance on the actual exam.

Overall, using these TACHS test preparation strategies and taking practice tests can increase your confidence and improve your chances of success on the TACHS exam.

Tips for Success

Preparing for the TACHS exam requires more than just studying. You need to develop a strategy to help you manage your time and confidently approach the test. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

Time Management

Time management is critical when taking the TACHS exam. You will have roughly 2.5 hours to answer 200 multiple-choice questions. That means you will have less than a minute to answer each question. To manage your time effectively, consider the following:

  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Answer the easy questions first
  • Use process of elimination to narrow down answer choices
  • Don’t spend too much time on any one question
  • Keep track of time and pace yourself

Test-Taking Strategies

When taking the TACHS exam, it’s important to have a solid test-taking strategy. Here are some strategies that can help:

  • Read the question carefully and understand what it’s asking
  • Eliminate obviously wrong answer choices
  • Use context clues to help you answer questions
  • Make educated guesses if you’re unsure of the answer
  • Don’t change your answer unless you’re sure it’s wrong

It’s also essential to practice as much as possible before the exam. Take advantage of practice questions and tests to help you prepare. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with the types of questions you can expect to see on the exam. This will help you feel more confident and prepared on test day.


Preparing for the TACHS exam can be challenging, but you can increase your chances of success with the right strategies and techniques. Remember to start early, create a study plan, and practice regularly. Use the resources available, including study guides, practice tests, and online courses.

During the exam, read each question carefully, pay attention to contextual clues, and eliminate incorrect answers. Remember to pace yourself and have a plan for guessing if necessary.

Taking care of yourself during the exam preparation process is also essential. Get enough sleep, eat well, and exercise regularly. These simple steps can help you stay focused, alert, and ready to tackle the exam.

Finally, remember that the TACHS exam is just one part of the admissions process. Even if you don’t get the score you were hoping for, many other factors can still influence your chances of being accepted into your desired high school. Keep a positive attitude, stay focused on your goals, and don’t give up!

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