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SHSAT Prep Class for Mark Twain (2021)

Our SHSAT Prep class for Mark Twain students is designed to best prepare students for the SHSAT. We have broken down the topics of the verbal and math sections into small, focused lessons with associated practice problems for students to hone their test-taking abilities.

Due to requests from parents of Mark Twain students, we have opened an SHSAT class with later start time to accommodate the commuting time of students. However, the class will be open to students from other schools as well.

  • 20 x 3-Hour Classes
  • 4 Full-Length Proctored Tests
  • Limited to 15 Students per Class
  • Fully Online
  • Content & Strategies
  • Detailed Assessment
  • All Materials Included
  • Full Access to Our Online Test Prep Courses (SHSAT, TACHS, Algebra 1 and more)

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Traditional Instruction Mixed with Technology: Students will have access to our online assignments which will give them immediate feedback. Students will be able to learn from their mistakes while completing their homework, allowing them to come to their next class prepared. Our instructors will know which questions students struggled with and what has to be reviewed in class.

We have a 78% acceptance rate to specialized high schools for students who scored over a 60% on their first diagnostic test. Based on previous classes, we find over an 80%* is needed to get into Brooklyn Tech or Staten Island Tech. Admission to Stuyvesant requires over a 90%* score approximately.

2021 SHSAT Prep Class Schedule

The SHSAT prep class runs from July 21 – October 20. Students are also given access to our online SHSAT prep course, which they can access as soon as they register. Note: the account that you create when you register will be the account used for the online access.

Classes are held after school from 3 – 5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. The schedule may be edited to accommodate specific dates that conflict with events at Mark Twain.


7/21/21WednesdayPractice Test 1
7/26/21MondayLesson 01
7/28/21WednesdayLesson 02
8/2/21MondayLesson 03
8/4/21WednesdayLesson 04
8/9/21MondayLesson 05
8/11/21WednesdayLesson 06
8/16/21MondayLesson 07
8/18/21WednesdayLesson 08
8/23/21MondayLesson 09
8/25/21WednesdayPractice Test 2
9/8/21WednesdayLesson 10
9/13/21MondayLesson 11
9/15/21WednesdayLesson 12
9/20/21MondayLesson 13
9/22/21WednesdayLesson 14
9/27/21MondayPractice Test 3
9/29/21WednesdayLesson 15
10/4/21MondayLesson 16
10/6/21WednesdayLesson 17
10/11/21MondayLesson 18
10/13/21WednesdayLesson 19
10/18/21MondayPractice Test 4
10/20/21WednesdayLesson 20


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