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SHSAT Cut-Off Scores

Many parents and students ask about cut-off scores. The important thing to realize is that the specialized high schools don’t decide their cut-off scores and that there isn’t a set score to beat. Instead, students compete against each other for a spot in the school.

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Video Transcript

A lot of students and parents are always curious as to how cut-off works for different specialized high schools.

It varies every year because it’s not set by the school. It depends on how many students applied to these schools and how the students did.

When the test is over, all the students are going to be ranked from the top score down to the lowest score. And they are going to be placed in schools.

So, the top student will go to his or her top choice school. The second student go to his or her top choice school and so on filling up all the available roster spots.

Then they look at the schools, like Stuyvesant for example, and they look at the last student who made it on the last spot. Whatever score that student had is the cut-off score for that school.

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