NYC High Schools Reopened on March 22, 2021

High Schools in Staten Island and the rest of New York City returned to face-to-face class on March 22, imposing various school health protocols to students during COVID-19. Half of NYC high schools can return to their normal system of learning on March 22. Approximately 55,000 students who chose face-to-face learning are back to the […]

9th Grade SHSAT

What’s on the 9th Grade SHSAT? 9th Grade SHSAT different from the 8th grade SHSAT. It is more competitive than the 8th grade SHSAT since there are a lot less spots available in the schools. As a result, you’ll need to aim for a higher score on the 9th grade test than the 8th grade […]

Best Advice for New Teachers

Being a teacher is hard work, and it can be incredibly stressful, especially for new teachers. From teachers we have spoken with, we’ve found that the first year is typically the hardest. So, we’ve asked experienced teachers to share their best advice for teachers who are just starting out. Thank to the great community of […]

How to Prepare for the SAT

The SAT is a test that is on the minds or parents and their children from about the time the kid graduates junior high school. As a result, some parents start preparing their kids at an early age. There are many different conflicting pieces of information regarding when and how to best prepare for the […]

Columbia University Acceptance Rate

Columbia University is an independent, non-sectarian institution of higher education. Founded in 1754, it is a private Ivy League school located in the city of New York. The school, established on the grounds of Trinity Church in Manhattan, serves as the oldest university in the state. It’s also the fifth-oldest institution of higher learning in […]

Harvard University Acceptance Rate

Harvard University is a private Ivy League school located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1636, it is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States. The school is named after its first benefactor: John Harvard. It is the most selective university in the nation, and it often tops the rankings of the best […]

Princeton University Acceptance Rate

Princeton University is a private research university in Princeton, New Jersey. Established in 1746, it is home to a diverse, dynamic community of intellectuals who pursue their passions with unmatched fervor. The Ivy League school is a well-known, major research institution. As a liberal arts college, it’s one of the most respected learning centers around […]

Yale University Acceptance Rate

Yale University is a private research university located in New Haven, Connecticut. Established in 1701, it is one of the top universities in the nation. Yale is one of the nine Colonial Colleges founded prior to the American Revolution. It is also the third-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Undergraduates at Yale […]

University of Pennsylvania Acceptance Rate

The University of Pennsylvania, also known as UPenn or Penn, is a private research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A part of the Ivy League group of schools, the university was founded in 1740. It belongs to the nine colonial colleges established before the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Founded by Benjamin Franklin, Penn advocated an educational […]

Brown University Acceptance Rate

Brown University is a high-caliber private university in Providence, Rhode Island. Established in 1764, Brown is the 7th oldest university in the country. It was founded before America gained independence from Great Britain. The school is widely recognized as the first to welcome students from any religion. Brown University Acceptance Rate Brown University is a […]