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SHSAT Grammar Rules to Know for the Revising & Editing Questions

The English Language Arts (ELA) section of the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT) assesses a student’s ability to read, write, and edit English text. One of the most important aspects of the ELA section is grammar, which is essential for clear and effective communication. In this article, we will discuss the SHSAT grammar rules to know for the ELA section, along with tips for identifying and correcting common grammar mistakes.


Commas are a common source of grammar mistakes on the SHSAT ELA section. One tip for identifying comma mistakes is to read the sentence out loud and pause where the comma is placed. If the pause feels awkward or disrupts the flow of the sentence, then the comma is likely misplaced. Another tip is to remember that commas are used to separate items in a list, to separate clauses in a compound sentence, and to set off non-essential information.

Irrelevant Sentences

Another aspect of the SHSAT ELA section is the Revising and Editing part, where students are asked to identify and correct mistakes in a given passage. One common type of question in this section is identifying irrelevant sentences. These sentences do not contribute to the overall meaning of the passage and can be removed without changing the main idea. One tip for identifying irrelevant sentences is to read the passage and ask yourself if the correction is necessary to understand the main idea. If not, then it is likely irrelevant and can be removed.

Precise Language

Sometimes on the SHSAT, the questions ask to choose the revision for the sentence with the most precise language. The correct answer is usually the one with the most numbers or data.

Other Tips for Revising and Editing

In addition to identifying irrelevant sentences, there are other tips for the Revising and Editing part of the SHSAT ELA section. One suggestion is to read the passage multiple times, looking for different mistakes each time. For example, the first read-through focuses on grammar mistakes, while the second read-through focuses on spelling and punctuation mistakes. Another tip is to pay attention to the passage’s context, as this can help you identify errors and make corrections that make sense in the passage’s context.


In conclusion, the SHSAT ELA section is an essential part of the test, and grammar is a crucial aspect of this section. By understanding the SHSAT grammar rules and tips for identifying and correcting common grammar mistakes, students can improve their chances of success on the exam. Remember to pay attention to commas, identify irrelevant sentences, and use multiple strategies for revising and editing. With these tips and techniques, students can feel confident and prepared for the SHSAT ELA section. Additionally, practicing regularly and seeking feedback from teachers or tutors to improve your grammar skills is important. By incorporating these strategies into your SHSAT prep, you can maximize your chances of achieving your goals and gaining admission to your desired specialized high school.

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