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Introducing Technology in the Classroom

Our society is advancing through the remarkable use of technology, especially within education systems. The use of technology in an individual’s education prepares him for the future. It is a huge advantage for an individual to be tech-savvy. Aside from the experience of using technology, by introducing technology in classrooms, students are able to explore new ways of learning material within an exciting and appealing environment. Introducing technology in the classroom creates diversity in the way knowledge is learned and retained. According to, “Technology provides opportunities for students to express their creativity”.  With this creativity, students are able to make projects or other assignments without pencil and paper. Technology even allows the use of digital textbooks or other material. Digital textbooks are becoming the norm. Online material is constantly updated; therefore it enables students to be on top of the newest lessons and approaches. Some services allow students to go beyond assigned work. An article from says, “ They learn to make their own decisions and actually think for themselves”.  New generations are being brought up in a tech-filled world, making it easier for teachers to let technology be a fundamental part of the classroom.

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