If You NEED to Ace Your Upcoming Test, You NEED Help from the Experts.

Unlike all of the other test prep services, ours was built with an engineer’s approach. We worked backwards from the problem. The problem is the test: acing/passing the test. Instead of just looking at a list of topics for each test and coming up with lessons, we analyzed all of the past tests available. We found what topics appear the most. We analyzed how the questions are asked and determine best way to approach each of them.

That’s the difference between having a test prep course developed by an engineer and one developed by a so-called academic. We’ve all seen what academics produce (it’s how we ended up with the the incomprehensible common core curriculum).

Testimonials From CaddellPrep.com Customers

"Following the lessons on Caddell Prep helped my son get ready for the SHSAT and get accepted to Staten Island Tech."
L. Gonzalez
"The lessons were great. My daughter received a scholarship to her first-choice school and was accepted to all three."
Jearn Kearns
"I liked how the lessons were presented. They were easy to follow. I also liked that there were practice problems after each lesson, so I could practice what I just learned. I got into Brooklyn Tech, thanks to the Caddell Prep."
Henry Liu